With the new season of ABC’s “The Bachelor” starting in just a few short weeks, it’s only appropriate I blog about my favorite show.   Better yet, I have an Exclusive Interview with Kirk DeWindt from ABC’s “The Bachelorette!” Kirk was also part of the cast of  “Bachelor Pad 2” that aired this past Summer 2011. […]

With the new season of ABC’s “The Bachelor” starting in just a few short weeks, it’s only appropriate I blog about my favorite show.  

Better yet, I have an Exclusive Interview with Kirk DeWindt from ABC’s “The Bachelorette!” Kirk was also part of the cast of  “Bachelor Pad 2” that aired this past Summer 2011. I have the exclusive interview with Kirk here!

Kirk, we all know you from The Bachelorette Season 6, where you were competing for Ali Fedotowsky’s heart, which estimated approximately 11 million viewers!  I knew you personally back in 2006, and you were one of the most down to earth, free spirited people I’ve ever met.  You were always looking to have fun, full of adventures, and always smiling.  The Bachelor/Bachelorette is my FAVORITE TV show… and I have to admit, I hit the floor when I saw you on the season premiere!  I had no idea you were going to be on the show! πŸ™‚  Would you say you are the same person now, as you were before The Bachelorette?
Hands down, yes.  I’m proud to say the show hasn’t changed the core of who I am. I’m incredibly lucky to have been a part of this amazing experience, but I’m smart enough to take the show for what it is and not allow the TV industry or Hollywood lifestyle alter who I am. 

We got to see you compete again on The Bachelor Pad 2, that aired this past Summer 2011.  The show was full of scandals, manipulation & alliances.  You had so many viewers rooting for you again to be the winner on this show, because of the good use you would have put your winnings towards.  Looking back, if you had to have won 1 of the shows, which one would you choose?  The Bachelorette or The Bachelor Pad 2?
In hind sight?  Bachelor Pad 2.  My instinct tells me that Ali and I weren’t entirely right for one another (although she’s a GREAT woman).  Winning Bachelor Pad would have allowed me to use the money for good, help erase some debt, and really get a foothold on my career path as a personal trainer.  

As a native from Green Bay, WI, how weird is it watching yourself on TV?   
Oh man, so weird.  I could hardly watch myself on tv the first few episodes of The Bachelorette. You know how everyone thinks they look and sound stupid on camera?  Yep, that was me.  I could hardly watch it.  It was episode 5 when Ali and I had a 1 on 1 date in Iceland when I remember watching myself kiss her (repeatedly) and didn’t even flinch. Apparently it took me that long to get over the awkwardness!

A good friend of yours, Michael Stagliano who was on the cast of the Bachelor Pad 2 with you, and his ex-fiance Holly Durst, were the two winners of the show.  Other than Michael,  do you keep in touch with any other cast members from the show(s)?
First off, Michael is the man.  Such a good guy.  There were four of us in the mansion that got along really well.  Michael, Graham, William, and myself.  We’ve all made trips to see one another monthly since the show stopped filming.  Of course, when we all get together a bit of trouble tends to ensue!  But hands down, they will all be lifelong friends.

Okay now… hypothetically, IF you were asked to be the next Bachelor, would you do it? 
Yep. Of course my shot at being The Bachelor has come and gone- but what an opportunity.

Going back briefly to the Bachelorette.  You got to travel to some pretty incredible places!  New York, Iceland, Turkey and Portugal.  Which place was most amazing, and why?
Lisbon, Portugal.  The place is absolutely breathtaking. On my date with Ali we took a horse and carriage ride to the top of a mountain overlooking the ocean.  We had dinner at the highest wrung of an ancient palace with candle light, a personal serenade, and the most breathtaking view.  To date, Lisbon is the most romantic city I’ve been to.

Back in 2006 when we were hanging out, you were very ill.  I remember at the time, doctors did not yet have a diagnosis for your illness.  It turned out to be mold poisoning from a home you had previously lived in, which you talked about on The Bachelorette & The Bachelor Pad 2.  I saw first hand some of the scares you went through with your health, and not knowing what was wrong.  How did the doctors link your illness to mold poisoning?
That’s a tough one to answer.  Often, finding out mold is the cause of an illness isn’t easy to come by… it tends to cause all sorts of problems within the body without the mold itself being easily detected.  Through numerous and extensive immune and allergy testing, a diagnosis by exclusion is how I found out.  You really know it’s mold that made you sick when you treat yourself as if it were the cause… and you finally start getting better.

You’ve always been active and taken good care of yourself. You used to be a competitive runner and now you are a personal trainer.  What do your daily workout routines look like? 
Typically i workout 6-7 days a week.  A typical week would look like this: Monday: Lift chest and core. Tuesday: Lift Back and play soccer. Wednesday: Run 6-10 miles. Thursday: Lift Shoulders and core. Friday: Lift arms and run 4-6 miles.  Saturday: Run 6-10 miles. Sunday: Easy run or rest.

How many times a week do you suggest exercising? And for how many minutes a day? 
I would suggest working towards a minimum of 4 days per week.  It’s important to do both a combination of cardio and strength training- this will keep your metabolism revved at high gear.  When doing cardio, shoot for a minimum of 45 minutes.  Try focusing on structured strength training twice a week.

Do you have any “super food” recommendations for our readers? 
This may seem strange to some, but I recommend juicing (yes, like juicing fruits and vegetables). Juicing helps provide your body with soooo many nutrients and all the other good stuff live produce contains without having to bear eating tons and tons of fruits and veggies.  A more simple answer?  Protein smoothies.  Take 1-2 cups of frozen berries, Greek yogurt, and protein powder and put it in a blender.  Best energy packed breakfast or meal replacement ever.

What is your best nutrition/health advice for our readers that YOU swear by?
Consistency is the most important. You don’t need to become fit in a week.  Having a manageable 3 day a week routine that you can sustain will yield better results than workout out 6 days a week but eventually burning out and discontinuing exercise.  The reason fit people are fit is because they have been exercising consistently over years and years.  No rush to change your body overnight.  Keep a schedule, be consistent, and you’ll see results.

Lets face it, everyone has one!  What is your guilty pleasure food that you wouldn’t want to live without?  
Peanut Butter. Gobs and gobs of peanut butter.  On everything.

I give you all of the credit for introducing me to good music.  In fact, you called them “ear snacks” which has since stuck with me.  Haha.  What are your favorites playing on your i-Pod right now?
Must listen to artists are: Bon Iver, Citizen Cope, Dave Barnes, and of course Michael Stagliano.

What 3 qualities do you find most attractive in a woman?
Confidence (not arrogance), Ambition, and Empathy. 

What is one of your most memorable dates?
Let’s take The Bachelorette out of the mix because those dates are hard to top.  My answer is simple: Dinner and drinks.  It wasn’t about what we were doing or where it happened, it was about who I was with.  The moment when you realize the person sitting across from you is someone more special than anyone you’ve ever met- that’s hard to top.

Other than working, what do you do on a typical night?  Are you always keeping busy, or are you more of a home-body?
Seeing I’m a personal trainer, my clients tend to come in after work.  A typical night includes working until 7 or 8 and unwinding at home with dinner.  Weekends are another story- lately I’ve been doing a bit of traveling for events related to the shows, otherwise stirring things up a bit with friends here in Minneapolis isn’t uncommon.

Lets be honest here. It’s an obvious question! All of the girls are going to want to know! πŸ™‚  Are you still looking for love, or is Kirk off the market?
This kid is looking for love πŸ™‚