3 New(ish) Local Breweries to Check Out

As the brewery scene gets crowded, it gets tougher to get to all of them on a regular basis. Here are three of the newer additions that you might want to pay a visit.

The bar at Stock House Brewing
Photo courtesy of Stock House Brewing

Stock House Brewing Company

Where: 7208 W. North Ave.
Opened: November, 2018

What’s on tap

A few well-made, more traditional brews. But here’s the catch. Don’t expect them to repeat. Brewer Mark Mahoney is using his tiny one-barrel brewing system to churn out single batches of beers that won’t be duplicated.

The setting

A cozy storefront with massive windows that overlook a bustling North Avenue. A short bar and a smattering of tables allow locals to imbibe. A small back room hosts a museum of brewerania, artifacts from brewing history collected by co-owner Paul Hepp.

Why you should go

Stock House exudes a welcoming neighborhood feel. The brewery embraces ‘Tosa and, judging from the large crowd the night I was there, ‘Tosa embraces the brewery. A mural on the wall even pays homage to the west side ‘hood.

“At the start, it was a matter of finding a suitable location,” said Hepp. “In our case, we had two potential properties not pan out for various reasons. Luckily for us, our current spot in East ‘Tosa is one that we couldn’t be more thrilled to have.”

Want more neighborly warmth? A “pay it forward” beer chalkboard lets you buy a beer for a friend who isn’t even there. Just write their name on the board and they get a freebie the next time they come in. Cheers, neighbor.


Vennture Brewing Company stoutVennture Brew Company

Where: 5519 W. North Ave.
Opened: July, 2018

What’s on tap

Nearly a dozen wildly varying pours ranging from a smooth rye chocolate porter to a crisp brut IPA. Expect a sour or two and some adventurous experiments on the menu.

The setting

A bright, welcoming spot in Washington Heights with a friendly, and family friendly, neighborhood vibe. Patrons sitting at the long bar or tables sip from both beer glasses and coffee mugs. Yes, Vennture also serves outstanding gourmet coffee.

Why you should go

Did I mention the coffee? The addition of an amazing pour-over coffee changes the dynamic, and gives you a reason to be at Vennture all day. The beer is certainly worth the visit too. The relatively small five-barrel system allows for plenty of brewing creativity and has provided some good early results, including the previously mentioned brut IPA.

“We have a ton of local support around here,” said co-owner Rob Gustafson. “It’s pretty incredible. People seem to love what we are doing. Most days the coffee and beer sales are almost a 50/50 split based off of drink numbers, which I find pretty fantastic.”

Component Brewing CompanyComponent Brewing Company

Where: 2018 S. 1st St.
Opened: June, 2018

What’s on tap

A slew of styles and one of the best hazy IPAs in town. Down the Road A’piece NEIPA is a juice bomb that’s just juicy enough.

“We’ve had a few flagship brands emerge early that we will keep on tap — Chase Ave Chase Pilsner, Rose’s Sour, Mosaic Theory IPA and Down the Road A’piece — but we will experiment with the rest of our tap lines,” explained co-owner Jon Kowalske.

The setting

A small taproom tucked away on the second floor of the Lincoln Warehouse. The space is no stranger to breweries. It previously housed Enlightened Brewing and Eagle Park, so Component has some big shoes to fill.

Why you should go

Because the Lincoln Warehouse is the ideal place to hide and drink great beer. And the fact that you can take a flavorful trip through well-crafted styles like Coffee, No Coffee Imperial Stout, Rose’s Sour and the amazingly refreshing Bascule Brut with Mango Tea means you’ll have plenty to do while you’re tucked safely away from the madding crowd.



Dan Murphy has been reviewing bars for Milwaukee Magazine for roughly 20 years. He’s been doing his own independent research in them for a few years more.