10 Local Bike Trails to Enjoy This Summer

Here’s where to bike in Milwaukee.

BIKING – PEOPLE LIKE IT. If you’re one of those people here at 10 local trails to meet your biking needs during the sunny months. Google Maps locations are hyperlinked for your convenience. Don’t forget your spandex.

1. Beerline Trail 


The trail starts at Pleasant Street on the northern edge of downtown and continues north along the old railway line next to the Milwaukee River. Unfortunately, it’s only named “Beerline” because it runs alongside the locations of a number of old breweries and not because there is any actual beer available.



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2. Bugline Trail


A flat, paved trail that runs from Menomonee Falls to Merton. A solid mix of suburban and rural through which you, the rider of the bike, may traverse at your leisure.

3. Glacial Drumlin State Trail 


From Waukesha to Cottage Grove, this big old trail gives you the west of Milwaukee experience with scenic bridges, forested areas, and beautiful views.

4. Hank Aaron State Trail 


Start at the Lakeshore, through the Third Ward, and cruise westward past Miller Park,  (or “American Family Insurance Field,” I guess), and then all the way to Wauwatosa. This trail gives you the ol’ east-to-west Milwaukee experience in one bomb-diggity bike ride.

5. Havenwoods State Forest Trails 


Out in Glendale, this state forest requires a trail pass to use, and they’re not available to buy on location with all this COVID business going on, so this one’s only for those of you who have this. The park offers six total miles of trails, the longest running at three miles.

6. Lake Country Trail


From Pewaukee to Oconomowoc, this bike trial gives you a solid view of Pewaukee Lake along a paved course through hills and valleys.

7. Lake Michigan Pathway 


This Racine trail runs along Lake Michigan, as you may have guessed. This paved trail makes for a scenic summer ride along the water and beachfront and is worth heading down to Racine.

8. Oak Leaf Trail 


If trails were little kids at the playground, this would be the giant one who pushes all the other kids around. It’s a massive County undertaking with hundreds of interconnecting trails encircling the county and passing through urban and rural for the ultimate MKE trail experience that you can pick up and quit at any time for a customized ride.

9. Ozaukee Interurban Trail 


A continuation from the Oak Leaf that follows an old railroad line from Milwaukee to Sheboygan through Ozaukee County. At the end, if the 30 miles aren’t enough for your bike-loving booty, you can carry on to the Sheboygan Interurban Trail.

10. Seven Waters Trail 


Between Burlington and Franklin, this trail combines street routes with the trail for an enjoyable ride on which to end this list.

Photo by Visit Milwaukee

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