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Music Notes
Young Milwaukee: The Album
The scoop on a record compilation of local bands and why you need to hear it now.

Automatic for the People
A review of Jeanine Durning's "inging" at Lynden Sculpture Garden.
Paul Kosidowski | Culture Club | POSTED 4/17/2014

The Greatest Film Never Made
Jodorowsky's Dune is a love letter to a movie that never came to be.
Tom Fuchs | Moviegoers | POSTED 4/18/2014

On the Marquee for the week of April 14, 2014
A trio of new releases make this Friday look good.
Tom Fuchs | Moviegoers | POSTED 4/14/2014

Tonight's Milwaukee Day Show and More
In this week's music roundup.
Kevin Mueller | Music Notes | POSTED 4/14/2014

Mirror Mirror on the Wall
Reflecting on the effective horror flick Oculus.
Tom Fuchs | Moviegoers | POSTED 4/11/2014

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13 Best Albums of 2013
POSTED 12/20/2013

Ruins of the City: Part 1
POSTED 12/30/2013

MOST Commented
New Years Eve(nts)
POSTED 12/23/2013

13 Best Albums of 2013
POSTED 12/20/2013