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Culture Club
Rounding out the Year
The Friday Five for Dec. 19.

Journey’s End
Peter Jackson concludes his "Hobbit" trilogy on a strong note.
Tom Fuchs | Moviegoers | POSTED 12/19/2014

Rock’s Top Five Material
Chris Rock’s welcome return to the big screen is smart, funny and profane.
Tom Fuchs | Moviegoers | POSTED 12/17/2014

On the Marquee for the Week of Dec. 15, 2014
A blast from the past is welcomed back into the local fold this week.
Tom Fuchs | Moviegoers | POSTED 12/15/2014

The Underneath
TWS's powerful and timely "Dutchman."
Paul Kosidowski | Culture Club | POSTED 12/14/2014

Whips and Fresh Cut Collective
Plus Wiz Khalifa, WC Tank and Sat. Nite Duets.
Kevin Mueller | Music Notes | POSTED 12/15/2014

MOST Viewed
POSTED 10/9/2014

Camera Ready
POSTED 10/9/2014

New Era in Milwaukee Music?
POSTED 10/6/2014

Opening Night
POSTED 9/14/2014

MOST Commented
Reviewing 'Expendables 3'
POSTED 8/27/2014

From Russia with Love
POSTED 8/26/2014