Your Questions About Laser Hair Removal, Answered

Colleen Papek, the COO at Milan Laser, answers frequently asked questions.

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What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

Where do we start? There are so many! We’ll start with the obvious one and why people choose it: permanent results. Results from shaving and waxing are temporary, and hair returns in a few days or weeks. The average Milan Laser client, however, is over 95% hair-free within seven to 10 treatments.

Laser hair removal is also less painful than other hair removal methods. Waxing hurts – laser hair removal feels like a quick rubber band snap against the skin that fades instantly.

How does laser hair removal work?

Light from the laser targets pigment in the hair, and the heat safely and effectively destroys the hair follicle – quite literally, it gets to the root of the problem. Because the follicle’s destroyed, hair can’t grow again, ever.

How long does the laser hair removal process take? Is there a recovery time?

Individual treatments are quick and easy, and there’s no downtime. Some people get their treatments done over lunch breaks. The overall laser hair removal process time varies.

Why choose laser hair removal over other options, such as waxing?

Two big reasons: time and money! By committing to waxing and shaving, you’re sucked into a bottomless pit of expenses and time wasted.

The average person spends 39 hours a year shaving, about $3,800 in a lifetime on shaving essentials, and $15,000 in a lifetime on waxing appointments. All that for temporary results!

Alternatively, laser hair removal offers permanent results, and the cost of laser hair removal is more budget-friendly than you think.

Do your research, and if you can, choose a provider that offers interest-free laser hair removal payment plans as well as unlimited treatments at one affordable price like Milan Laser offers.




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