Women of Distinction: IAG Wealth Partners

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Lori Watt founded IAG Wealth Partners in 1985 after five years working as a financial planner. A year later, Susan Kuhlenbeck joined her as a co-owner, and they have been partners ever since. “It was very much a ‘learn as you go’ effort for both of us,” Watt says. “Being a successful ‘financial planner’ is very different than building a successful ‘financial planning firm,’ but integrating the two brings tremendous blessings.” In the 35 years since, IAG has remained successful and has become a home for many female financial advisers. “We strive to create an environment where everyone has the ability to achieve their greatest God-given potential,” says Kuhlenbeck.

“Over the years, our message to our team has been ‘keep pedaling.’ When the road ahead looks uncertain, we trust God to keep us from falling.”


– Lori Watt

Founder and President, IAG Wealth Partners

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In your 35-year partnernship, what have the two of you learned about collaborating and building a company together?

Lori: We instinctively figured out each of our strengths & weaknesses, and our roles evolved to complement each other. Over the years, our consistent message to each other, and our team, has been “Keep Pedaling.” Whenever the road ahead looks uncertain, we trust God to steer our bike & keep us from falling. All we have to do is “Keep Pedaling” and He will guide us through to the other side.

How do the two of you work as a team with Jenny, Debra, Jayme, Anne and the other advisors at IAG?

Susan: We both enjoy working with all our advisors to help them build on their individual strengths. This results in a slightly different focus for each advisor. Clients like to work with an advisor who shares their values and passions. When those are aligned, it creates a much more successful relationship for everyone. Staying connected with the entire IAG Team, while encouraging personal growth to build on individual strengths, creates a successful, fulfilling environment.

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