Women of Distinction 2022: The Greater Milwaukee Urban League

This special section features some of our city’s most accomplished female leaders. These women represent a wide range of fields, from finance and education to hospitality, beauty and more. Join us in saluting them in our fourth annual Women of Distinction section!

Dr. Eve M. Hall, President and CEO of the Greater Milwaukee Urban League; Photo by Boutique Photographer Linda Smallpage


Over her accomplished career, Dr. Eve M. Hall has worked in many fields, holding leadership positions in the governor’s office, Milwaukee Public Schools, the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and the African American Chamber of Commerce, among others. When she was offered the chance to lead the Greater Milwaukee Urban League in 2017, she saw it as a culmination of those years working for change in many fields. “I’ve always relished being in a role in which I could galvanize people to come together,” Hall says. “Today’s role allows me to impact and influence practically every aspect contributing to the quality of one’s life.” As the president and CEO of the Urban League, she has added a new location on Silver Spring Drive, instituted a series of roundtable discussions with Milwaukee leaders, and expanded awareness of the Urban League around the city. “Being able to see the fruits of our labor motivates me,” she says. “When we give away laptops to students, when we help people find jobs, when we come together with other community and business leaders to solve critical issues, it’s incredibly exciting and only makes me want to do even more for our community.”

“I have a passion for change.”


-Dr. Eve M. Hall


You’ve held many high-level positions across several fields. What made you want to lead the Greater Milwaukee Urban League? 

My background has included education, employment, advocacy, entrepreneurship, K-16 education and government. When you look at the Urban League, we focus on similar areas. The Urban League is really a place where I can exercise all of the experiences and skills that I’ve gained to impact our community.  

What are some of the achievements you’re most proud of? 

Early on, I saw that many stakeholders in Milwaukee did not know what the Urban League was about. They didn’t know that it has spanned over 100 years, both nationally and locally, and has helped stabilize and advance African American communities, and served early on as a key voice to encourage the employment of African Americans. I’ve been proud to help expand the awareness and impact around the community, and now regionally with adding “Greater” to our title, the awareness of all we do through our advocacy and direct services.  

What would you say has motivated your work? 

I have a passion for change. I’ve always appreciated being in a role in which I could help influence change. I’m motivated when I see the fruits of our labor; when we’ve collectively worked and as a result, peoples’ lives are made better. 


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