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Teaching people to talk with purpose and clarity, as she has through her business since 2017, is Denise Thomas’ dream job. “A lot of times, communication is marketed as a soft skill, but it’s a critical skill in any relationship,” she says. “It’s really important, especially in the current climate, that we surround ourselves with other women who believe in and support us, and we are prepared to do the same.”

While her firm works with nonprofits, corporations, universities and public schools, she loves working with youth, observing “their hunger and passion to make this world better,” she says.

“I don’t ask for permission to do great things. If there’s somewhere or something I want to support, I don’t wait. I’m the change that I want.” – Denise Thomas, President and Owner, The Effective Communication Coach

Q&A with Denise Thomas

How are you a force within your community?

I am an advocate for the unsung and underrated heroes in our community. It’s important to understand that being in any category of distinction, popularity is not a requirement … greatness is.

What is your life purpose?

“To transform emerging and existing professionals into extraordinary leaders by mastering the art of effective communication.”

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