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In a family-run interior design business, this mother-daughter duo feels lucky to not only dig into their passions for all things design and color, but also work side by side nearly every day with the firm’s eight designers. “The thing I like best about my career is that every day is different,” says Barb Bachman, “but we hope at the end of the day, our clients fall more in love with their homes and condos.”

Emily Ebben loves the opportunity to travel beyond Milwaukee to find trends. “We are lucky enough to get to go to market [in North Carolina] twice a year, which allows us to stay on top of all trends, colors and fabrics,” she says.

“We believe it is our ultimate goal to listen and help bring our clients’ visions to reality.” – Emily Ebben Director of Design and Marketing, Warren Barnett Interiors

Q&A with Barb Bachman & Emily Ebben

How are you a force within your community?

Ebben: “Warren Barnett Interiors is proud to be involved in many local charities, and giving back to those in need.” 

What is your life purpose?

Bachman: “To be a kind and loving mother and wife, to be a ride-or-die friend, and to bring happiness to our clients along the way.” 

Ebben: “My life purpose thrives on creativity. I truly hope to inspire those around me, to show my children what strength and happiness look like, and to create beautiful living spaces.”

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