Want to keep your alcohol content down without losing flavor? Here are a few Wisconsin-based standouts – including Milwaukee’s own Pabst! – from the genre of low-ABV beers.

Good City Brewing’s Clean Cut IPA (4.7%): This session brew lives up to its name with a crisp finish and limited bitterness.

City Lights Session IPA (4.2%): A fair amount of hoppy bitterness is thanks to Centennial, Cascade and El Dorado hops.

Ale Asylum Demento Pale Ale (4.7%): For those who like a bit of piney hop bitterness with their citrus flavor.

Enlightened’s The Daily Stipend Pale Wheat Ale (4%): Easily the lightest ale on the list, but Mandarina Bavaria hops give it some fruity punch.

New Glarus’ Moon Man American Pale Ale (5%): Simply one of the best session ales out there. Citrus hops balance perfectly with a touch of malty sweetness.

Pabst Andeker (5%): An old-school German lager recipe served on the old school grounds of the Pabst Brewery complex. The bready malt flavor is a good choice for those not into bitter hops.

Urban Harvest Brewing’s Black Puppy Pale Ale (4.8%): An amber hue and some malty sweetness make it ideal if you’re not looking for big bitter bite.



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