Why You Might Be Getting Free Food At the Polls This Year

#ChefsForThePolls could mean free food for you.

Today, Uncle Wolfie’s Breakfast Tavern is partnering with  World Central Kitchen to hand out free BBQ chicken sandwiches at the Milwaukee Public Schools Administration Building as part of #ChefsForThePolls.

“We believe in encouraging our community to get out and vote, and welcomed the opportunity to be able to thank them with our food,” says Whiteney and Wolfgang Shaefer, the owners of Uncle Wolfie’s, a breakfast tavern in Brewers Hill that serves breakfast, comfort food and more.

The owners of Uncle Wolfie’s were connected with World Central Kitchen through Caitlin Cullen of the Tandem, a restaurant and bar in the Lindsey Heights neighborhood of Milwaukee. While her restaurant is not out today, she told Milwaukee Magazine she is “quietly herding cats from the sidelines.” 



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Uncle Wolfie’s is one of the 28 restaurants in the Milwaukee Metro area today who are out and about serving food at the polls. The other participants include Flour Girl + Flame, Amilinda, Club Charlie’s, Red Light Ramen, The Laughing Taco, Ardent, Cloud Red, Confectionately Yours, The Pasta Tree, Lazy Susan, Sabrosa Cafe, Sauce + Spice Pizza, Funky Fresh Spring Rolls, Company Brewing, Cava’s, World on a Plate, Nessun Dorma, Sanford, Hue Vietnamese, Belli’s Bistro, Milwaukee Classic Pizza, Rise + Grind Cafe, Cafe Corazon, Orenda Cafe, Terri Lynn’s Soul Food Express and Public Table. 

Cullen said that a lot of the restaurants are moving around to different polling sites throughout the day; some have been to as many as five sites already. So, who knows — you might stumble across one of them when you’re out at the polls and get some free food.

World Central Kitchen is an organization that “uses the power of food to heal communities and strengthen economies in times of crisis and beyond.” For the election, they started the #ChefsforThePolls initiative to provide a good meal to those at the polls. It is “a non-partisan effort that will feed people of all political parties and beliefs,” according to their website.

Uncle Wolfie’s is one of the numerous restaurants across the country serving meals at polling locations this Election Day. Today, #ChefsForThePolls expects to serve 160,000 meals in 250 cities and towns.

The polling sites that are a part of the initiative are generally ones that have had historically long lines, predicted massive turnouts or limited facilities.



Brianna Schubert is the associate digital editor and writes about art, culture and more at Milwaukee Magazine. When she’s not writing/editing, she’s likely reading (follow her book reviews on Instagram at @read_with_bee), cooking or listening to Taylor Swift.