This Local Bakery Is Making Trump and Biden Desserts

National Bakery & Deli has some election-themed treats to take your mind off Election Day stress.

Election Day is here and boy was it one stressful election cycle. After months of political ads and social media engagement, you have earned yourself a sweet treat. 

National Bakery & Deli took the opportunity to take part in this national event by curating a variety of election-themed desserts. You can find your Election Day dessert in the form of a cookie, cupcake, doughnut and more. The cookies are the hot item this year and they come in portraits of both Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

But which cookie is most popular with the customers? 



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Courtesy of National Bakery & Deli

“It’s Trump believe it or not,” said Jeff Callen, co-owner of National Bakery & Deli. “The Trump cookies are flying out.”

The latest count for cookies sold is 1,100 Trump cookies and 650 Biden cookies.

In addition, they have donkey and elephant-shaped cookies available for customers.

The idea started four years ago with the 2016 Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump election and it took off with great success.

Run over to National Bakery & Deli located at 3200 S. 16th St. right here in Milwaukee before they close at 3 p.m. These cookies are only available at the 16th Street location as the other National Bakery & Deli locations have already sold out. Callen says you shouldn’t worry about them running out at 16th Street because they are being made throughout the day.



Corey Schmidt was an editorial intern for Milwaukee Magazine in Fall 2020. Currently, Corey is a junior at DePaul University where he majors in both French horn performance and communication & media.