What’s Your Dad’s Favorite Movie, Joan Lubar?

We talked to a Milwaukee Film board member to share her father’s favorite films.

The thing about dads is a lot of them have a special movie they return to over and over. Milwaukee Film board member Joan Lubar loves dramas, rom-coms and documentaries, and says that Parasite (2019) was one of the best films she’s seen in recent years. But what about her dad, Sheldon? In honor of Father’s Day, we asked her to talk us through his favorite film.

“He loves all westerns. His favorite is called Red River with John Wayne and Montgomery Clift. It’s about a cattle drive after the Civil War,” Lubar says. The film was released in 1948, directed by Howard Hawks, and was nominated for two Academy Awards.

“He says he’s only seen it about 11 or 12 times.” In addition to westerns, Lubar’s father – the founder of the investment firm Lubar & Co. – enjoyed mountain climbing and skiing when he was younger (he’s almost 92) and still finds the time to swim and read regularly.

Milwaukee Film has kept busy during the pandemic, moving forward with several remodeling projects inside the Oriental Theatre, Lubar adds. And while the Oriental doesn’t have a reopening date yet, she’s looking forward to that day so she can enjoy something she’s missed: “seeing movies in person on the big screen, eating the best movie theater popcorn in the world with my dad.”


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