What’s the Best Food to Pair With a Cold Beer?

Milwaukee Magazine staffers weigh in on their favorite foods to pair with a cold one.

PIZZA. Duhhhhhh…
–Katie Williams, Circulation Manager

I really like a brat sandwich with a beer. The saltiness of the brat demands a refreshing beer to wash it down.
– Carole Nicksin, Editor in Chief

Personally, I like to pair my carbs with more carbs. Cold beer and warm pretzels – a winning combination.
– Lindsey Anderson, Culture Editor

I am not a beer drinker at all, but every once in a while if I have sushi, I like a cold Sapporo with it.
– Ann Christenson, Dining Critic

Buffalo wings. There’s something not quite right about lifting a wine glass or a champagne flute to a pair of sauce-smeared lips, but I feel like a beer bottle would be right at home.
– Karisa Langlo, Digital Editor

Depends on the beer! But how about tacos al pastor and a nice German pilsner. Oooh, or a chocolate brownie and a nice American porter. I could go on.
– Chris Drosner, Executive Editor

I’m no Patti Stranger, but I think a good ol’ pizza from Lisa’s Pizzeria and a Miller High Life would make a good match.
– Brock Kaplan, Graphic Designer

My favorite food to pair with beer is a blast from the past. The old Kalt’s Restaurant at Oakland and Locust, now long gone, used to serve a delicious (and stinky) plate of Limburger cheese and dark rye bread. It was great with a cold brew. I can taste (and smell) it now.
– Tom Tolan, Managing Editor

Native Milwaukeean, I am not. But even a FIB like me can appreciate the allure of a beer and a brat on a warm summer day. Hell, really go all in and make room for a side of cheese curds too.  
– Rachel Stinebring, Senior Designer