What Is H2O Health Hydration Oasis?

It’s a (hydrating) shot in the arm.

In a vast and varied world of health care, there’s not much more direct than the IV infusions offered by H2O Health Hydration Oasis.

In its clinics at 130 N. Jefferson St. and 17110 W. Greenfield Ave., clients can pick from suggested “cocktails” of IV infusions like Brain Boost or Radiance + Rejuvenation. While many do have similar components like vitamin C or B12, each infusion is a custom blend to address a patient’s specific needs or goals.




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The trend of IV infusions has swept the country, but H2O founder Dr. Alia Fox is the first to bring an MD-owned specialty IV therapy clinic to Milwaukee. Her background as an anesthesiologist and a personal struggle with migraines prompted her to offer this service to the community to address a range of ailments. “I kept wishing there was a place that would get me the same relief as a hospital visit without all the hassle,” she says.

It typically takes just one 20-to-60-minute session to revive a dehydrated client, but people with more serious issues report enhanced energy and focus in about three sessions. H2O serves clients with chronic medical conditions to elite athletes, and it even offers a traveling clinic that can serve a group – say, a beach party or golf outing that’s had a few other fluids – in the comfort of a luxury SUV.


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Allison Garcia is the Digital Editor for Milwaukee Magazine.