The local MC says he recorded his portion in just 15 minutes.

Today rapper Sam Ahmed, known as WebsterX, released his latest song “Kinfolk,” which was produced by Chicago’s BoatHouse and features Minnesotan Allan Kingdom. On working with Kingdom, Ahmed told Complex magazine that “adding Allan was an obvious choice, we clicked within minutes for the sole fact that we’re both Midwest artists with African roots and want more than just the glitter and gold of success.” 

Dubbed a “wunderkind” by Music Notes after releasing his debut album in 2013, Ahmed is now part of the mostly Riverwest-based hip-hop collective New Age Narcissism. He says he recorded his portion of the latest track in just 15 minutes at Chicago’s Soundscape Studios.  “This song shows my growth as an artist, as every release has, and showcases my growing love for melodies,” Ahmed tells this magazine.

Give it a listen below.

Also, do not miss his fantastically catchy “Lately” and the chilling video by Cody LaPlant and Damien Klaven.



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