We Asked 100 Milwaukeeans to Fill in the Blank: “You Know You’re in Milwaukee When _______”

Squeaky cheese, Milverine and beer. See what these 100 locals had to say about our city.


We love Milwaukee. This city is one-of-a-kind! So to celebrate the launch of our new website, we decided to go out into the community and ask cream citizens what they think makes this city so special. To get answers, we swung by the Milwaukee Public Market, Crossroads Collective and Mayfair Mall. The answers varied from the strange and weird to the goofy and nonsensical. Following is the question we asked and how Milwaukeeans responded: 

You know you’re in Milwaukee when ______ (fill in the blank)

  1. “The cheese has a squeak” – David Garcia
  2. “There are bars on every corner”– John Vollmer
  3. “People are walking in shorts in the winter” – Lex Allen
  4. “When you talk about Milverine” – Zoe Jones
  5. “…. when you hear someone say bag – but they actually say it like bay-g – and the sweet sound of the grating Wisconsin accent makes you feel at home” – Allison Garcia
  6. “There are more bars than churches” – Drew Coffin
  7. “You’re boozing at brunch” – Katie Williams
  8. “You see the Crazy Car Guy, ya know? Brother Ron!” – Stephanie France
  9. “You can hear someone talking about the Packers, the Bucks and the Brewers within earshot” – Daniel Knoedler
  10. “You bump into someone and they accidentally say ‘ope'” – Andrea Riley
  11. “When you can fall into potholes” – Jennifer Fehrman
  12. “You have questioned whether or not you like the large orange-shaped statue” – Ensley Gosset
  13. “Your gross domestic capital per capita is $58,343” – Archer Parquette
  14. “You see Black Cat Alley” – Kayla Maduscha
  15. “There are cheese curds at every restaurant” – Yamilett Lopez
  16. “You get a whole chicken with a pitcher of Bloody Marys” – Carole Nicksin
  17. “You see the minion pipe” – Abigail Oye
  18. “When you catch yourself invested in the great debate over which custard shop is the best…even though we all know it’s Kopps” – Morgan Lemner
  19. “You think of the art museum” – Angelina Riedijk
  20. “You see Miller Park” – Jenni Adwards
  21. “You see Hoan Bridge” – Garret Roth
  22. “When you can’t find parking for like two hours” – Liberty Gruber
  23. “When it’s 20 degrees outside and people are still out drinking” – Becca Kacafta
  24. “When there’s a bar on every corner” – Conner Traub
  25. “You see ‘One Call That’s All’ billboards on the highway” – Elizabeth Stowlow
  26. “You can smell the beer” – TJ Lowry
  27. “You see a line from The Hop” – John Plaski
  28. “It’s impossible to get to the lake during Summerfest” – Batoul Javer
  29. “You have people driving in the left lane on the freeway” – Andreanna Grubo
  30. “I think of beer, brats and cheese” – Dominique Evins
  31. “People are more excited for the tailgate than the game” – Evan Watters
  32. “You drive by and see the skyline” – Antonio Roseli
  33. “You see Calatrava’s wings” – Robyn Reese
  34. “The Milwaukee sign” – Rachel Pollicks
  35. “The Art Museum” – Parumi Park
  36. “Beer and cheese curds” – Liz Lopez
  37. “There are bars on every corner” – Peg Ryan
  38. “Brewers…and everyone is drunk before 9 a.m.” – Felicia Jarosinski
  39. “You can smell the yeast!” – Kate Reigle
  40. “When your Bloody Mary practically comes with a whole meal and a little beer chaser” – Alex Kutz
  41. “You can see the lake” – Ruth Slavin
  42. “You see the cheeseheads on the streets” – Alexis Smith
  43. “There’s anything and everything beer related” – Shawna Shirillo
  44. “Beer and cheese” – Allison Enders
  45. “When you see U.S. Bank building” – Lizz Weier
  46. “You’re on Oakland Avenue and you can’t decide what to eat” – Willie Maryland
  47. “When you run over a pot hole” – Leigha Hodge
  48. “When you see Miller Park” – Lindsay Russell
  49. “You’re on Lake Michigan” – Mike Pawlik
  50. “When you see Miller Park” – Thailing Aguilera
  51. “When the weather is above 60 degrees and the Harp patio is full” – Amy Schmidt
  52. “When I can smell it driving over the bridge and see the beautiful lake front and the museum” – Laura H.
  53. “When I hear people’s speech patterns” – Peggy
  54. “You see three or four bars at a corner at any given intersection” – Scott Lucey
  55. “You see neon beer signs in windows” – Olivia Molter
  56. “The weather changes rapidly” – Rex Cruz
  57. “I see a Culvers” – Ian Tishler
  58. “It’s cold” – Jason Alston
  59. “When you’re downtown” – James Smith
  60. “When drivers aren’t using their blinkers” – Jason Revels
  61. “There’s loud cars” – Moses Contreres
  62. “You see people drinking” – John Mas
  63. “The car guy with the airhorn” (Referring to “Brother Ron”) – Kyle Majewski
  64. “When you cross the Hoan Bridge” – Weston Rich
  65. “When I smell a street festival” – Bethany Crevensten
  66. “When you see a lot of breweries” – Bristall Johnson
  67. “The sun is not shining” – Kathy Klotz
  68. “When you see a pub” – Anonymous
  69. “When it’s cold” – Luis A.
  70. “It’s February and it’s -30 degrees” – Jose Reveriz   *Okay Jose… -30 degrees?
  71. “You see packers stuff” – Katie H.
  72. “You’re at a brewery” – Ashley Heiser
  73. “Seeing breweries or Miller Park” – Greg Kollauf
  74. “When you see the Miller Park stadium” – Belinda M.
  75. “Beer gardens open up in the spring and county parks – Linda B.
  76. “When you smell the brewery on the interstate” – Kim Rowe
  77. “Lots of beer” – Stephanie Harmey
  78. “When you hear about beer” – Sue Smith
  79. “When the roads get bumpy” – Pete X.
  80. “I see abandoned buildings and lifelessness” – Cynthia Edmond
  81. “When you see a Culvers” – Ivy Ward
  82. “When you see the lake” – Elise Batainsila
  83. “You start seeing more food options” – Sam Huntoon
  84. “Someone asks whether you want brandy in your old fashioned” – Lindsey Anderson
  85. “You’re recombobulating” – Chris Drosner
  86. “You’re drinking a New Glarus Belgian Red beer” – Emily Baum
  87. “When you’re tailgating at Miller Park on Opening Day…and it’s snowing” – Natalie Blais
  88. “You programmed the phone number for Usinger” – Ann Christenson
  89. “You see the Summerfest sign” – Ari Rehberg
  90. “You see Pedal Milwaukee” – Ellie Cupp
  91. “You see the Hone Bridge in the horizon” – Taylor Zaeske
  92. “When you’re offered a beer chaser with your bloody mary” – Marcella Garcia
  93. “You can find a brewery tour faster than a place open for brunch” – John Taffer
  94. “There’s a bar open on every street and block” – Ivana Riley
  95. “Cheeseheads” – Jack Korabik
  96. “The sticker car…aka Brother Ron” – Kacie Gaffney
  97. “When you hear the word bubbler in replacement for water fountain” – Christy Lengling
  98. “When it’s cold outside” – Emerald Gonzale
  99. “I can’t feel my face in the wind” – Allie Habeck
  100. “Idk, lol! Next question please” – Paige Kanman