How to Give Your Valentine’s Day a Wild Touch

The animals at the Milwaukee County Zoo want to help you have a happy Valentine’s Day.

This year, the Milwaukee County Zoo will offer virtual Valentine’s Day messages with a wild touch.

For $25, you can purchase a short video of the adorable animal of your choice, wishing your valentine the best with a personalized message. From penguins to pandas, the list of furry friends to choose from is extensive – and there’s a pun ready for each one.

Photo courtesy of Milwaukee County Zoo



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You can even have the video link sent to your valentine anonymously for a small upcharge, if you like a bit of mystery.

Whether you want to wish your crush an “ele-phantastic” Valentine’s Day or tell your partner you and the sloths love them “slow” much, the last day to order a Virtual Valentine is Feb. 3 at Midnight.

Visit the Milwaukee County Zoo’s website for more information, details and to book.