And many of their shows are free.


On April 24, the Los Angeles-based art rock group AL1CE will take the stage. And, like most concerts at the venue, it’ll be free.


If you strolled by the Walker’s Point Music Hall (538 W. National Ave.) on a random Saturday night, you might hear a reggae-fied cover of a Grateful Dead song. Or the driving beat of a death metal band.

And if you were to step inside, you’d see a gigantic mural painted by two local artists (affiliated with the Walker’s Point Creative Collective) and a stage space large enough to accommodate even the most sprawling live acts.

Jim Rice, who opened the venue late last year, hopes it will appeal at least as much to people looking for a new creative outlet as those in search of another neighborhood watering hole. “It’s a music venue with a bar in it, not a bar where bands play,” he says.

Rice, who has handled operations for the Rebel Stage at Summerfest for more than a decade, believes that his establishment could fit a certain niche in Milwaukee’s music ecosystem. “There are big venues like the Pabst and Fiserv, and we have an incredible bar culture here that’s unlike anywhere else,” he says. “But there’s a gap where mid-sized venues should be.”

He hopes that the Walker’s Point Music Hall could fill that gap, while also providing local musicians and artists – working across all genres – with a creative home.

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