A letter from our publisher about our brand new standalone special issue, Milwaukee Health.

I am very pleased to introduce and welcome you to Milwaukee Health, a brand-new addition to the Milwaukee Magazine family.

In 1983, Milwaukee Magazine began its tradition as a locally owned city magazine with a reputation for excellence and innovation, one that provides all-encompassing views of southeastern Wisconsin. In each issue, we cover topics that are timely and complex, while maintaining the coverage staples you’ve come to rely on – dining, health and culture, to name just a few. With this in mind, we asked our readers to name the areas in which they wanted more coverage. The message was clear – a greater emphasis on healthy living.

To meet this request, Milwaukee Health focuses on living a healthy lifestyle in Milwaukee and its surrounding communities. What sets Milwaukee Health apart from other health-related magazines is simple – we’re a metro-Milwaukee magazine committed to delivering award-winning local stories with the greatest connection to you and your community. We can be specific to the topics that matter most to your family.

Looking for local trends in healthy dining? Searching for the best physician in your neighborhood? Wondering if the gym down the road is a good fit for you, or if that biking path along the lake is worth trying out? Milwaukee Health, like no other health publication, can answer those questions and many more.

This month, in our premiere issue, we offer a medley of topics. Tips on how to get fit fast. A firsthand account of acupuncture. A young woman’s story of coping with cancer at age 16. Inspiring profiles of Milwaukee-area doctors who are saving the world, one patient at a time.

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After you read these stories, we want to know what you think. Tucked among the pages, you’ll find a card asking if you like what you see. Please complete the card and share your thoughts about this issue, as well as the topics you’d like to see explored further by our team of editors and writers.

As a thank-you for doing so, you’re guaranteed to receive the next issue of Milwaukee Health at no cost.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and appreciate your commitment to Milwaukee Magazine. After all, this is Your City, Your Magazine.