There’s a Baby Yoda Mural in Milwaukee, This Is Not a Drill

If you’re not obsessed with Baby Yoda already, you’re about to be

Do you love Baby Yoda? Obviously, everyone does. And so do we. And so does Hotel Madrid in Walker’s Point (600 S. Sixth St.), because they just put up the cutest little mural of the Star Wars universe’s newest obsession. 

You’ve seen the tweets of Baby Yoda holding his little cup of soup, turning on Christmas music and being all-around adorable. Baby Yoda is brave, Baby Yoda is kind, Baby Yoda is everything we collectively wish we were. Baby Yoda is a Disney+ merchandise gold mine

But now you don’t just have to page through infinite scrolls of Baby Yoda memes and clips to be a part of the hype, you can create your own scene with the little green guy by making a visit to Hotel Madrid. There, on a white brick wall, Baby Yoda stands – well not tall – but smiling under a sign reading Hotel Madrid’s signature slogan, #feedtheanimals. 

This black-and-white mural, which went up Tuesday, comes one week ahead of Hotel Madrid’s “Gremlins” holiday takeover (Dec. 10-24). Sean Wille, director of marketing for Stand Eat Drink, says the pop-up will include recreations of scenes from the movie, five signature cocktails, tons of holiday decorations and, of course, jokes about not feeding the gremlins after midnight – in the form of a boozy Snickers milkshake. 

Hotel Madrid co-owner Andrei Mikhail felt that Baby Yoda would fit in nicely with the “Gremlins” takeover, and even better with the bar’s #feedtheanimals slogan. The team then called up one of their go-to artists, Michael Cerda, to bring the cuteness to life in the form of an outdoor mural. 

So thank you, Hotel Madrid, for bringing a little bit of “The Mandalorian” madness to Milwaukee. We can’t wait to see the creative photos our cream citizens will take with him, especially now that they launched a competition to see who can take the most amazing one



Alli Watters is the digital and culture editor at Milwaukee Magazine. That means that in addition to running this website, she covers art, entertainment, style, home and more for the magazine. It also means she doesn't sleep much.