Learning to say "bubbler."

Someone from somewhere else moves to Milwaukee all the time. So when do such transplants start feeling like “true Milwaukeeans”? We asked some notable ones.

Kidd photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE; Lovell photo by John Nienhuis.

Kidd photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE; Lovell photo by John Nienhuis.

From left to right in above image.

Jason Kidd, Milwaukee Bucks coach, former Brooklyn nets coach, Played for four NBA teams during 19-year career.

“When we first moved to Milwaukee, the neighbors brought over brownies to welcome us to town. That kind of thing doesn’t happen in most places. It made us feel at home here.”

Ellen Gilligan, president and CEO of Greater Milwaukee Foundation. Moved here from Cincinnati.

“My maternal grandfather, Edward Dixon, was born and raised in Milwaukee and graduated from Marquette. I have a copy of his baptismal certificate from St. Patrick’s Church proudly displayed on the wall. Soon after I came, I visited Father Robert Wild at Marquette. He gave me a copy of my grandfather’s Marquette transcript and a photo of Grandpa. I realized I truly had deep familial ties [here], and that in many ways, I had come home.”

Rolando Rodriguez, president and CEO of Marcus Theatres. Born in Havana, Cuba; Moved here from Dallas.

“A combination of working with great people and convincing myself that 50-degree days are warm enough to wear short sleeves.”

Michael Lovell, president of Marquette University. Hometown, Pittsburgh.

“The lakefront is a fantastic place to run. I recall a real connection to Milwaukee the first time I rounded the Hank Aaron trail loop in Lakeshore State Park at sunrise, turning north toward the city. The striking beauty of the skyline gave me a great sense of being part of it all.”

Mark Clements, artistic director of the Milwaukee Repertory Theater. A native of London.

“No. 1 Once I had bought a house in Fox Point with a snowblower in the garage. No. 2 When I had purchased custard from all the famous landmark outlets and could individually critique them.”

Chris Abele, Milwaukee County Executive. Hometown, Boston.

“After about three years of living here, I was flying back from a business trip to Washington, D.C. It was a late afternoon with an orange sunset. You could see the city, and I got that very distinct feeling that I knew this was home. When things go right, or when they don’t, this is the place I want to be. When you associate home with pride and comfort, you’re heading toward becoming a true Milwaukeean.”

Catherine Jacobson, president and CEO of Froedtert Health. An Illinois native and former Chicagoan.

“After about a year or two here, I started to run into folks I knew everywhere, from restaurants to the grocery store to school events.”


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