The Death of Two Restaurants: Supper and Wolf Peach

The Death of Two Restaurants: Supper and Wolf Peach

The demise of sister restaurants ‒ one in Brewers Hill, the other in the Shorecrest Hotel

It is a tangled web, to be sure. The rumors that Wolf Peach was going to close have been circulating for a while. Gina Gruenewald, who operates Wolf Peach (1818 N. Hubbard St.) and the Shorecrest Hotel’s Supper (1962 N. Prospect Ave.), sent a press release today confirming the closing of both restaurants.

Supper served its last meal on Sunday, March 11 ‒ a pop-up dinner with Mimma Megna, of (shuttered) Mimma’s restaurant fame. Wolf Peach, which replaced Roots Restaurant in 2012, is expected to close at the end of of March.

Tim Dixon, the owner of the building housing two-level Wolf Peach, has sold the property to Carl Tomic, who operates StoneFire Pizza Co. in New Berlin. A Craigslist post advertises an opening for a head chef at the unnamed replacement restaurant for Wolf Peach.

The reasons for Wolf Peach’s demise aren’t so clear-cut. Per the press release, Gruenewald says it “comes on the heels of a real-estate deal that forced Wolf Peach and Gruenewald out of the iconic Milwaukee restaurant location.” A story posted this afternoon on offers the perspective of developer Dixon, who says he shared equal investment with Gruenewald in the restaurant and blames her for its closing.

Whatever the reasons, the closing of both of these restaurants ‒ headed by talented, creative chefs (Kyle Toner at Wolf Peach and Erik Hansen at Supper) ‒ is bad news for the dining scene.  




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