The Best Things to Try This Week, According to Our Editors: April 12

Time in the garden, an upcoming art show and more in this week’s editor picks.

1. Get Excited About Sports Again


I’m a big sports fan, but the whole pandemic thing has left me unable to muster any excitement for any sports season since the 2019 NFL. I haven’t really been able to place it, but I think some combination of the hanging threat of COVID over sports, the lack of fans and the diminished seasons is to blame. But that ended with opening day. I am excited for this baseball season and, after a 4-2 road trip against two division rivals, this Brewers season. My fantasy team is even looking promising! How?! And this video – I’m not sure where it’s from, apologies to its author – of Robin Yount getting philosophical about the very essence of sport is not to be missed. The Kid has aged splendidly, if you ask me.

2. Save Your Spot for “Beyond Van Gogh”


Tickets for the art show “Beyond Van Gogh” went on sale over the weekend, and I can’t wait to snap a couple of them up. The show, which has been traveling to cities around the world for a couple of years, is completely immersive. Visitors get to walk through three-dimensional projections of the late artist’s most famous masterworks.



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3. Watch Nomadland


The movie Nomadland (currently playing in theaters and streaming on Hulu) has been on my list for a while. Be prepared: this honest, often intense look at life through the eyes of a 60-something woman who chooses to live as a nomad is sobering. Actress Frances McDormand is extraordinary in the lead role of Fern, a character whose tenacity and restlessness I’m still thinking about.

4. Get in a Garden


Gardening is a new hobby for me and I have zero expertise on the subject. But as a new homeowner, I am delighting in exploring my blossoming flower beds and trying to identify the different types of plants that are popping up. This week’s blooms included yellow daffodils, tulips and the discovery that the little purple flowers sprouting in my grass are called “Crocus.” Thanks to this guide, I learned that mice and voles like to dig them up in the winter and move them around the yard. If you have a garden, take time to explore it and have fun identifying the plants. If you don’t have one yourself, consider a walk around the block to tour what’s sprouting up in your neighbor’s front yard. It’s kind of like a scavenger hunt!

5. Listen to Roadrunner: New Light, New Machine


Brockhampton released a new album last Friday. I enjoy it very much. The boyband/hip-hop collective/man salad first made it big in 2017 with the SATURATION trilogy, three albums released in one year, all made while they were living together in a house in South Central LA. If you haven’t heard those, give them a listen, and then try out this new album. It’s a solid mix of rappity-rap, g-funk, r&b-type pop that’ll get you moving. My personal favorite is one of the slower, sadder songs on the album, “The Light Pt. II,” where band member JOBA raps about the recent loss of his father by suicide. Possibly the band’s most moving track.