Testing Pure Barre
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Testing Pure Barre

Gym-goers are already flocking to the North Shore classes.

photo 3Maybe it’s a sign that I am in my 30s, but I find myself more interested in workouts that care for and condition my body in a gentler way. So, I’m breaking up with boot camp. I’m a barre girl now.

Pure Barre just opened their first Milwaukee-area location in Whitefish Bay (418 E. Silver Spring Drive) and after four classes, I’m loving it. The new franchise studio is owned by Jessica Stark, a Mequon native, certified personal trainer and most recently, the store manager at the Third Ward’s lululemon athletica.photo 2

Pure Barre claims it’s one of the fastest, most effective ways for people to change the shape of their bodies. Each 55-minute, total-body workout isolates and fatigues the major postural and stabilizing muscle groups: abs, arms legs and seat (a nice term they use for booty). There is no ballet skill required, and really none involved in the class. You’ll use small props and mostly body weight to strengthen and lengthen and “tuck” – this refers to dropping your tailbone and tucking your hips to engage the abdominals. You’ll get the hang of the lingo quickly into your first class.

I’ve been to four classes with three different instructors and they all have their own style, which is a great benefit. There is always at least one other teacher in the room to demonstrate the movements so you have a point of reference if you get lost. You will likely get lost at least once, but it’s a very non-intimidating environment, unlike the weight room at Gold’s Gym.

Classes cater to all levels of fitness. I was surprised to see the diversity of the participants. Jessica said that in their first two weeks, they’ve had 400 class visits, with participants ranging in age from 17-71. And it’s not all just women; there are a few male regulars. Because the movements are low-impact and you’ll always get a different routine, you can take classes three-to-four times a week. I will tell you, I consider myself to be in pretty good shape, but I was sore in all sorts of new places after my first class. It does get easier and the upbeat music really helps get you through class.

photo 1Check out the space on Thursday, March 19 for their grand opening party complete with music, food from local vendors and and a “love-your-selfie” photo booth station.

New members can purchase a one-month unlimited package for a special rate $99 and you can see a class schedule here.

photo 4Whether or not my body transforms quickly, I feel the burn and see the tone in a quick 55-minutes. And I don’t feel like I want to throw up after class. For me, that’s a work-out win-win.

See you at the barre!






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