Milwaukee Neighborhood Guide: Sherman Park

A campaign for the Sherman Park Community Association, established in 1971, announced “Sherman Park: A Nice Place to Live.” Almost half a century later, residents both old and new call Sherman Park home, citing its beautiful housing stock, its cultural diversity, and its entrepreneurial spirit. Take a tour of the places and residents that are committed to keeping Sherman Park a nice place to live.

Milwaukee Neighborhood Guide: Walker’s Point/Harbor View

What’s in a name?  Well, a Walker’s Point by any other name could be “Inner Harbor” or “Fifth Ward” or “Harbor District” or . . . just a great place to not only work but also to live and play, a place where art and food mingle with recreation and science, a place with great potential and big dreams.

Milwaukee Neighborhood Guide: Avenues West

Welcome to Milwaukee’s Avenues West, a neighborhood born of contrasts in the late 1800s: the grandeur of mansion-lined Grand Avenue, the poverty of Irish workers on Tory Hill, and the ambition of a little college named Marquette. A neighborhood, like so many in Milwaukee, poised for change.

Neighborhood Guide: Silver City / Photo: Dominic Inouye

Milwaukee Neighborhood Guide: Silver City

Welcome to Milwaukee’s Silver City neighborhood. A bustling industrial center in the late 1800s. A blighted and abandoned area by the late 1900s. Now emerging as part of the Menomonee Valley renaissance.