Explore Murray Hill: Murray Avenue

Explore Murray Hill: Murray Avenue

Murray Avenue has a little something for everyone, from sex to pottery.

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Murry Hill Neighborhood Guide;
photos by Dominic Inouye


Murray Hill Neighborhood Guide

Check out what’s going on around this upper-east side neighborhood on North Avenue, Farwell Avenue, Downer Avenue and Murray Avenue.



Murray Avenue Guide


Whether you need a new bike or a tune-up, a haircut or waxing, or even a jumpstart to your love life, Murray Avenue has solutions. Since 1998, The Bike Fixers has been a fixture on the East Side, selling and fixing equipment for its thriving bike community. The perfect remedy for helmet hair can be found at Stone Fox Salon, which offers an array of services for men, women, and children in an expansive and inviting space. And at The Tool Shed, which describes itself as “Milwaukee’s only mission-driven, education-based sex toy store,” you can explore your sexuality in a positive, healthy, welcoming environment with not only 3,500 different items to strike your fancy but also over 450 books, individual consultation services and public workshops.

Where: The Bike Fixers (2410 N. Murray Ave.), Stone Fox Salon (2430 N. Murray Ave.), The Tool Shed (2427 N. Murray Ave.)


From sex to pottery (is that scene from Ghost in your head right now?). Murray Hill Pottery Works just celebrated its 20th anniversary last Saturday: 20 years of bringing clay art to life with traditional classes; “One Night Stand” lessons with food, adult beverages, and music; and opportunities to serve with projects like Empty Bowls. If superheroes are more your style, stop next door to The Turning Page, the site of a comic book store since 1976, and peruse the vintage and new-release comics, collectible items and, outside, a larger-than-life mural-in-progress of Superman. And for a different kind of vintage, this one musical, The Jazz Estate has been around just as long as the comic book store, hosting local and national performances in an intimate (65 capacity), recently renovated lounge with a new, 70s-inspired cocktail menu.

Where: Murray Hill Pottery Works (2456 N. Murray Ave.), The Turning Page (2452 N. Murray Ave.), The Jazz Estate (2423 N. Murray Ave.)


Saints Peter & Paul Parish is an active faith community that serves the community in many ways, including assisting the All Saints Meal Program, Habitat for Humanity, the Guest House and Riverwest Food Pantry, maintaining community gardens and ministering to veterans. Their recent Block Party is an annual hit on Murray Avenue. And just up the street, Milwaukee Mindfulness Practice Center is a sangha — or “community of followers of the teachings of the Buddha and other great spiritual leaders” — that offers meditation and mindfulness training in the tradition of Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Hanh.

Where: SS Peter & Paul Parish (2490 N. Cramer St.), Milwaukee Mindfulness Practice Center (1922 E. Park Pl.)


Explore the world on Murray Avenue, with loaded pasta bowls at Divino Wine & Dine‘s rustic restaurant or pints of Guinness at the ornate and lively Paddy’s Pub, a grande burrito at Mr. Señors‘ take-out or a hot pot to share at Huan Xi Chinese Restaurant. Also, coming soon, two new offerings: Izzy Hops Swig & Nosh (formerly Rascal’s) will specialize in craft beers and bourbons (over 30 each!) and feature sandwiches, pizzas and salads, and Kawa Ramen & Sushi (formerly Winchester) will become the second Kawa establishment (it’s been a popular destination on Silver Spring Drive for years), featuring a full menu of Japanese appetizers, sushi and ramens, including Garlic Miso and Seafood Ramens.

A short jaunt north on Murray will bring you to two unique coffee shops. The first, Kith & Kin, could also appear under the “stomach” category (it’s part coffee and panini shop) and the “mind” and “spirit” categories (it’s a place to “learn, gather, play” for kids and a place for parents and caregivers to relax). Tucked away on the corner of Park Place and Murray Avenue, Kith & Kin offers $8, all-day, in-and-out admission for children 12 months and up to a world of play: a stage, play structure, reading nook, craft table and more. They also offer classes for new parents and baby yoga — all while the adults engage in community connections. The second, Outwords Books, Gifts & Coffee, has been serving the community with LGBTQ-related books, DVDs, music and Rainbow Pride merchandise since 1993, blending coffee and books before most of the chain cafes appeared in the city. Monthly book clubs, community advocacy resources, and an online store round out their offerings.

Where: Divino (2315 N. Murray Ave.), Mr. Señors (2335 N. Murray Ave.), Paddy’s Pub (2339 N. Murray Ave.), Huan Xi (2428 N. Murray Ave.), Izzy Hops (2311 N. Murray Ave.), Kawa (2321 N. Murray Ave.), Kith & Kin (1932 E. Park Pl.), Outwords (2710 N. Murray Ave.)