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Dining Out

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Living the Dream

Mike Engel can see everything. Manning the sauté station in his restaurant kitchen, he looks up at his son, Andrew, working the grill. The cold station guy can’...
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Ryan Braun – baseball star, clothing line creator, and now restaurateur. Ryan Braun’s Waterfront, the Third Ward spot named for the Milwaukee Brewers’ lef...
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Chasing Chili

A five-letter word that means fun? I know: “Chili” immediately comes to mind. Do you doubt it? Four reasons chili is fun: 1. The ties that bind: meat, beans, ...
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Taylor Made

We’re playing a game. “Wilma Flintstone,” I say. “Howdy Doody,” my friend volleys back. “The Joker. And Michelle Obama,” I counter. The game is Name the Figur...
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Dos Mexicanos

This is a tale of two Mexican restaurants that, at first glance, seem to have much in common. They’re competitors, to some extent, located within a mile of each...
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Prime Time

 A decade ago, we were in the thick of the old boys’ club steakhouse era. A deferential server dressed in a black tie and white jacket would place a napkin...
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Wok-y Talky

I can summon to my conscious mind everything about a Chinese egg roll. There was a point in adolescence when it figured heavily into my diet. The crisp-rubberin...
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Urban Cowboys

This concept is sexy, to be sure — no menus to make you think too hard, the prospect of eating as much as you want for a fixed price and the promise of sw...