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Dining Features

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Morning After

One helluva breakfast sandwich from The Irish Pub Photo by Adam Ryan Morris It’s a slow-motion sequence. Could be a cheesy commercial or a Zach Galifi...
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Face Off!

Photo by Kevin J. Miyazaki Angie D’Amato rests her arm on the back of the booth. The gesture is at once casual and protective, her arm encircling h...
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Haute Plates

Photo by Adam Ryan Morris   It’s just food. He – or she – is just a chef. And you are just a diner. It’s all true, but behind many restaurant...
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Ground Round

Photo by Adam Ryan Morris Every American city has a claim to fame. For Seymour, Wis., it’s inventing the hamburger. At an 1885 fair, a dude nam...
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18 Below

If anyone could appreciate a cool, creamy dessert, it’s the Snow Miser, that Arctic icicle brought to glacial life in a 1970s animated Christmas special. ...