Summerfest Headliner Halsey Mentions Milwaukee in New Song

This makes us super excited to see her at Summerfest.

You’ve probably heard all of the news about Halsey headlining Summerfest. But did you hear she features our humble city in her recent album?

Halsey released her new album Manic on Friday. The highly anticipated album features 16 tracks, including one that mentions Milwaukee. Yes, you’re reading that right. The last track titled “929” touches on the last 25 years of her life including meeting fans, mental health struggles and heartbreak. It seems that Milwaukee also had an important and memorable impact on her:  

“And I’ve stared at the sky in Milwaukee
And hoped that my father would finally call me” 

Back in 2018, she performed at Summerfest for the first time. Footage of her performance is featured in the music video for “Eastside (1:23) as well. It seems Milwaukee holds a special place in her heart as she’ll be back at this year’s Summerfest on July 3 at 7:30 p.m.

So if you were unsure of whether to get tickets or not, maybe this helped you decide. How cool would it be to listen to Halsey sing about her Milwaukee memory while in Milwaukee? And if you haven’t had a chance to grab tickets, I’d get them now. We have a feeling they’re going to sell out fast.

Listen to the full song here:



Morgan is a 2020 MilMag intern. She's Minnesota born, but has a Milwaukee heart. An Alverno College undergraduate and will be graduating in December 2020 . Follow her on social media @morgan_lemner