Katelyn Carlisle shows off her JettSet Local passports

Spotlight on Women: Meet Katelyn Carlisle, Founder of JettSet Local

Meet a hard-working young woman who has mastered the art of the side hustle.

Welcome to the year of the woman! In this new web series, we will be shining a spotlight on several local women, on top of their game in a variety of fields, showcasing the diversity of interesting and accomplished women in our fine city. See the rest of our Spotlight on Women series.

Katelyn Carlisle has always been an entrepreneur. In middle school, she owned a few vending machines and in high school, she owned a DJ business. Last year, she started JettSet Local, in addition to working full time, which offers two passports for deals around the city. The Fab Flight beauty and fitness passport features 27 different offers at locally owned businesses in the Milwaukee, North Shore and Waukesha areas. For $30, you get deals like a free facial, free yoga class, free blowout and more, valued at over $1,500. The Foodie Flight passport is $25 and contains $10 or $5 off at 28 local eateries in the Milwaukee and North Shore area, with a value of $260.

Carlisle even offers organizations the opportunity to sell the passports and keep 50 percent of the proceeds for their cause – just one example of her creative marketing.

Name: Katelyn Carlisle owner and creator of JettSet Local
Age: 25
Hometown: Kenosha, WI

What type of education do you have?

I graduated from Concordia University with a B.S. in Business Administration. My major was marketing and my minor was hospitality and event management.

Most impactful professional experience?

Since working at my current full-time job at Punch PR, I have been exposed to the wonderful world of PR and marketing. This experience has been invaluable for my professional growth, as well as the growth of my company, JettSet Local.

Katelyn Carlisle show off her JettSet Local passports. Courtesy of JettSet Local.

Defining moment in your personal life?

A decision that altered the course of my life was when I changed my major in college. My freshman year, I was studying to become an athletic trainer. I really enjoyed the coursework and everything I was learning, but one day, I remember sitting in my chemistry class and thinking to myself “What am I doing?” I always envisioned myself as an entrepreneur and businesswoman. In that moment, I decided to change everything and switched my path by joining the school of business.

Hardest lesson you’ve learned?

I met an individual who seemed to be very passionate about my company who said he wanted to help. It didn’t take long before this person started asking me a lot of questions about the company that I wasn’t comfortable answering. My intuition kept telling me to remove myself from this situation, but he kept saying he wanted to help grow my business and loved what I was doing. I knew, in that moment, that he was going to try and duplicate my business. Sure enough, a few months later a close friend of mine told me he was starting something in Washington County. I wasn’t concerned about it, but I couldn’t believe someone could be so deceiving.

I don’t want to say I’m not as trusting, but I will say I don’t open up as quickly to people I haven’t met before. This situation has helped me become much more up front with people about the direction I’m heading and where I see JettSet Local in the future. I also make sure to listen to my intuition when it’s telling me something isn’t right.

Best advice for managing a side hustle on top of a full-time job?

There are two options: either wake up a few hours earlier than normal or don’t sit down to relax after dinner. Once that TV turns on in the evening, then nothing will get accomplished. I’ll often go work at my local library or a coffee shop after work to get a few more hours of work done on my business. I take advantage of the weekend, as well. Time management is everything since I still want to have a social life, see my family, further my career and more. I’ve learned that planning ahead is key.

Also, it’s important to love and believe in your side hustle. It’s easy to say you’ll put in the extra hours, but it’s also easy to get burned out. Loving and believing in what you’re trying to accomplish gives extra motivation to keep hustling and persevering.

How did you develop such an entrepreneurial spirit?

I think my entrepreneurial spirit comes from the way my parents raised me, mixed with being exposed to multiple family members who own small businesses. I come from a large family and can name a dozen family members who own their own companies. This is a big reason why JettSet Local supports locally owned businesses in the community. I’ve seen the hard work, dedication and frustrations. Yet, I’ve also seen the joy that comes from being your own boss and making your own decisions. Seeing behind the scenes allowed me the confidence to always believe that I can make it on my own. It was never a question of “if” I could do it, but a question of “when” and “how” I will start.

What do you do when you have free time?

I’m an adventure junkie and I love the outdoors. Skydiving, hiking, kayaking, fishing, shooting, going to the beach, playing volleyball and the list goes on! That said, I also enjoy a warm blanket and an interesting book during the winter. I also love trying new restaurants. I am so thankful for my parents and siblings and want to have as many memories with them as possible, so I try to see them once a month.



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