How a Spellbound Australian Became Bucks Beat Reporter in Milwaukee

Meet Kane Pitman: One of Milwaukee’s most unlikely Bucks reporters.

May 20, 2001. The home crowd was ready to lift the roof o the Bradley Center as the seconds wound down in a win that would put the Milwaukee Bucks in their first conference finals in 15 years.

It was a moment of glory for Bucks fans, but it also absolutely captivated an 11-year-old 9,712 miles away in Geelong, Australia. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the team wearing white and purple – and a youthful Ray Allen in particular.

Over the next two decades, my curiosity morphed into a deep passion for the game, and especially for the Bucks. Sports media was completely foreign to me, but I watched games religiously, dipped my toe in the water with various blogs and honed my craft by reading, listening and above all else, working with every spare second I had – often through the night in between 12-hour shifts at the oil refinery where my “real job” was. After several self-funded trips to the US to cover NBA games, my aspirations of making this my full-time career only grew, until I made an anxiety-filled, life-changing leap.

In October 2018, I quit my job at the refinery and – again, on my own dime – booked a one-way ticket to Milwaukee, where I covered the team’s historic 60-win season full time. That amazing experience confirmed that Milwaukee and the NBA is exactly where I want to be.

This December, I arrived back in the city that’s become a true second home for me and will again be covering the season full-time for various outlets. I’m continuing to chase my dream as the team chases a second NBA title.