Something’s Brewing

From beer made with squid (and quinoa made with beer) to growler bars and great locally made IPAs, our beer scene is bigger and better than ever.

A charcuterie-cheese board, including house-made beer mustard. A Central Waters Glacial Trail IPA atop a table at Wolf Peach. Photo by Adam Ryan Morris.
A charcuterie-cheese board, including house-made beer mustard. A Central Waters Glacial Trail IPA atop a table at Wolf Peach. Photo by Adam Ryan Morris.

At least 16 craft breweries – brew houses that produce fewer than 6 million barrels per year – have opened in Milwaukee since 2000. Heck, seven breweries have opened since we last put a tantalizing glass of the gold stuff on our cover in July 2012. You, Milwaukee, clearly love to make beer as much as you love to drink it.

And our appreciation for the magical elixir – a potent love story that began in the 1840s – shows no sign of stopping. Indeed, our love of suds has bled into other areas of the city’s cultural fabric, and nowhere is that more apparent than in our dining scene. Gone are the days when wine held all the power as the beverage of choice for Milwaukee’s fine-dining establishments.

In fact, many beer aficionados think beer pairs better with food than wine does, and it evokes far less of the snobbery sometimes associated with wine. “There’s almost a rebellious spirit to drinking beer with a really good meal,” says Hinterland Brewery and Restaurant owner Bill Tressler. And the sort of edicts that apply to drinking wine with food most definitely don’t apply to beer, per Tressler, who says, “There are no rules.”


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