Somehow the Old Fashioned Is America’s Favorite Quarantine Drink … But Not Wisconsin’s

This surprising bit of news has us questioning the list’s methods.

According to Google, America’s favorite quarantine drink is an old fashioned. Also according to Google, Wisconsin’s favorite quarantine drink is not an old fashioned, it’s a grasshopper, which seems ridiculous. 

Wisconsin has long had a loving relationship with the old fashioned, even being dubbed the buckle on the “brandy belt.” As early as the 1960s, Wisconsin led the nation in brandy consumption. No surprise here. And, unlike many other places, in true Wisconsinite fashion, you likely order brandy by the brand. 

Now, as for Wisconsin’s alleged favorite drink, we have some theories. The list highlights the most-searched cocktails within the state during the quarantine. So our first thought is, do people in Wisconsin really have to Google how to make them? 

“My guess is people here in Wisconsin already know enough about old fashioneds that they don’t have to Google them,” Executive Editor and resident drinker Chris Drosner said. “You don’t Google how to breathe.”

As for the grasshopper itself, we can’t help but wonder if celebrating St. Paddy’s Day at home this year has anything to do with our state’s quarantine cocktail. 

As our Art Director Paul Higgins joked, “Siri, can I put booze in a Shamrock Shake?”



Allie is an Editorial Intern at Milwaukee Magazine. She is a senior at UW-Milwaukee studying Creative Writing and Journalism. You can follow her on Instagram at @alliehabck