Social X MKE is Kicking off an Event-Filled ‘Homecoming Week’ for Young Professionals

The group, which will celebrate its seven-year anniversary this September, helps both new and native diverse Milwaukeeans.

Social X MKE, a diversity and inclusion consulting group for young professionals in Milwaukee, will celebrate its third annual homecoming week this June. The week of festivities, June 17-23, is “a full snapshot of what Social X is throughout the year,” said the group’s president, Marquayla “Quay” Ellison.

Social X has been a part of Milwaukee since September 2012. Ellison, 29, said the group both introduces young people who are new to the city and reintroduces its natives.

“People that are born and raised in Milwaukee, like myself, think they have been there and done that in Milwaukee, and that’s not true,” Ellison said. “You can have fun here in Milwaukee, and that’s what we try to show people.”

This year’s homecoming week will feature two panels – one on mental health and one on investing – as well as a group run, a tour of the city, house party and community service event. The group tries to provide events that appeal to everyone, Ellison said.

“Our group is very well-rounded. They’re in different industries and doing different amazing things in the city,” Ellison said.

The 5K run is an event that showcases one of Social X’s groups, Forget Everything and Run. For the little ones younger than the “young professionals” who typically participate with Social X, there’s a new “Kids’ Dash” before the race.

“Navigating Milwaukee as a professional of color is tough,” Ellison said. “Homecoming week is a chance for us to introduce young professionals to all these different places that we go … and let them know they belong here.”