And Field Report's Chris Porterfield records his own version.

Local singer-songwriter Peter Mulvey recorded “Take Down Your Flag” and posted it to YouTube on June 19th. Every flag over Charleston is at half-mast today except one, he sings, referring to the the Confederate flag that hangs in front of the South Carolina capitol building. The song is a dedication to Susie Jackson, who was one of the nine African Americans killed in a racially motivated shooting on June 17 at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. It is also a song of protest that mirrors the protest marches that began over the weekend. On his Facebook page Mulvey writes that he wrote the song earlier in the day on the 19th and played it when he opened for Ani DiFranco at a show in Northampton, Massachusetts. “I will sing this song until they take it down,” he writes. 

Mulvey then emailed his musician friends, including Field Report’s Chris Porterfield, who recorded and posted his take on the song early this morning.

Check out Mulvey’s song below: