Seven of the Best Sledding Hills Around Milwaukee

Whether you’re a speed freak or a slow-and-steady sledder, these hills have you covered.

Currie Park

3535 N. Mayfair Rd. Wauwatosa

A hotspot for families to go sledding, Currie Park is a no-brainer for an afternoon of fun. Right next to a parking lot, the hill’s neighboring streetlights keep the slope lit enough for those who don’t want to turn in early. The hill gets slippery enough for those who want to push to higher speeds, and is lengthy enough to enjoy a long ride down.

Whitnall Park

5879 S. 92nd St.

If you are looking for some relaxing sledding, or a spot for little kids, this easy-going hill provides a smooth ride. Make sure to wear enough layers, because the Whitnall Park Clubhouse is currently closed due to COVID restrictions.

The Rock: Snow Park

7011 S. Ballpark Dr., Franklin

You’ll have to reserve a time and buy a $22 ticket per person to sled here, but for the speed-demons out there this is the place to be. The inflatable tubes plummet down their groomed pathways to kick your sled into hyper-drive. There are special ticket price deals on some days, so keep your eyes open. See The Rock’s website for more information. Tickets purchased online are non-refundable, but you better hurry because they are selling out.

Back Bay Park

Corner of E. Lafayette Pl. and E. Lafayette Hill Rd.

City-dwellers know the struggle of having to commute to find a decent sledding hill. This hill, across from the Lakefront Colectivo Coffee, helps solve that problem. An unofficial gathering point for the locals in the know, this hill is best for children for five. It is steeper than the others but still safe to ride. It is lit by streetlamps but is still pretty dark, so ride with caution at night. 

Riverside Park

1500 E. Park Place

This Swiss Army Knife of a hill has a little something for everyone – faster and steeper slopes for the daredevils and slower more gradual slopes for a scenic ride. Park members can borrow sleds from the center and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa. They track the hill conditions on the Urban Ecology website, so you can know what the hills look like before you drive out.

Lowell Park Toboggan Run

2201 Michigan Ave., Waukesha

Pick up a Chute Pass for $10 to take a ride on a toboggan down the Lowell Park hill. The slopes are lit, so you don’t have to worry about early winter nights. There are plenty of other winter activities to enjoy here as well, including ice skating, hiking and building snowmen. To take a ride down the sledding hill you have to pre-register on their website.

Dewey Hill

7620-7624 N. Honey Creek Pkwy., Wauwatosa

This local favorite is in the Honey Creek Park and is good for all ages. The long incline is perfect for those who want to put the pedal to the metal and those who stop to smell the roses. This is a highly-trafficked location so be wary of ice and dirt spots on warmer days.

And if those seven aren’t enough…

Milwaukee County has nine daytime-only parks open for sledding:

Brown Deer Park, 7835 N. Green Bay Rd.
Indigenous Peoples’ Park, 7301 W. Courtland Ave.
Greene Park, 4235 S. Lipton Ave.
Hales Corners Park, 5765 S. New Berlin Rd.
Kletzsch Park, 6560 N. Milw. River Pkwy.
LaFollette Park,9418 W. Washington St.
McCarty Park, 8214 W. Cleveland Ave.
McGovern Park, 5400 N. 51st St.
Wilson Recreation Center, 4001 S. 20th St.