Rice N Roll Bistro

5 Reasons I Love Milwaukee: Anna Miller

Brady Street, Rice N Roll and cozy winter nights at Rochambo are just a few of Anna Miller’s MKE favorites.

We asked writer and Milwaukee Magazine contributor Anna Miller to share with us the reasons she loves Milwaukee. Here are her picks: 

Brady Street

I live on Brady, so I spend a lot of time there, in part because of all the food. I really like La Masa and Thai-namite on Brady so I’m there a lot. And also because it connects right to the Oak Leaf Trail and the waterfront so it’s a really accessible because I like to go running and biking.

Photo courtesy of La Masa

Rice N Roll Bistro

My number one favorite restaurant would probably be Rice N Roll because I’ve had so many great memories there. They have this alcoholic jelly-like drink there that I’m kind of addicted to.

Christopher de Angelo Gilbert

I recently met Christopher de Angelo Gilbert from New Age Narcissim. He teaches hip-hop classes and is also a motivational speaker. He’s really cool, and the positivity of his presence just spreads.

New Age Narcissism: (from left) Lord Fredd33, Q The Sun, Siren, Webster X, Lex Allen, Christoper Gilbert, Jay Anderson, Bo Triplex. Photo by Charlie Koss

The closeness 

I really like the closeness of Milwaukee. It feels really accessible to me, in part because people are friendly and open. And also just the space of Downtown itself. A lot of the things you need and want are just there. I can walk anywhere.


As the nights grow colder, I really like going to Rochambo because it’s open so late and there’s always a little niche where you can people-watch. And they also have mixed coffee and alcoholic drinks there too, which are nice for winter nights.

Anna Miller is a contributor to our November 2017 issue, writing “Look How Far We Haven’t Come.”