Real life advice from local brides and grooms who have been there.

Celebrate those you love, not the material items that disappear. Think about what you want to remember in five years, 10 years and on.
– @zeelordframe

Get off the blogs and Pinterest. Instead, follow wedding photographers on Instagram. You’re more likely to see what works in a real wedding, get practical ideas for your own look, and it’s less overwhelming. As an added bonus, there are great photographers with active Instagrams in Milwaukee!
– @merenado

Look at things from your guests’ perspective: How can you make the day as enjoyable and convenient for them as possible? Though the day is for celebrating your union and love, you are also the hosts of an event. Ensuring they have a great time is so important.
– @hipsterhausmke

Don’t sweat the small stuff… and most of it’s small stuff. Focus on the marriage and have fun at the  wedding. #24andcounting.
– @kfo3

Just *stop* 3-4 days before the wedding; if it isn’t done by then, it’s probably not going to matter day-of.
– @rayberko

Elope! That’s what my fiancé and I are doing: a planned (announced) elopement in May 2018 in San Francisco. It’s like a destination wedding for just us two. No fuss, no stress, no trying to please everyone else on a day that should be about the two of us and the love we share. On a later date, we will have a party in a park with everyone we know. But our wedding day will be calm, peaceful and all about us.
– @kschlichy

Have a budget for the engagement ring, but tell [your partner] you want her to pick it out with you. It is her ring that she will wear and show off. Ignore this advice at your own peril!
– @craigmichaelau

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