Milwaukee’s Best Bars for Winter Day-Drinking

Because what else is there to do during the day in this weather?

Winter can be stressful. If happy hour can’t come soon enough, one of these local taps will take the chill out of the air… even if the sun is still shining. Check out these early-rising Milwaukee bars for a most authentic and satisfying winter day-drinking experience.

Great Lakes Distillery

Open every day at 11 a.m., Great Lakes Distillery offers more than just tours of their award-wining facility. Their spacious bar features a full line of craft cocktails that go down just as easily during office hours as they do in the evening. The crowd is usually a good mix of regulars and tour-takers and makes for an upbeat daytime diversion during the wintertime. Great Lakes also recently added a menu of appetizers, flatbreads and “handhelds” that will get your through lunch or dinner.
Address: 616 W. Virginia St.

Walters’ on North

A long-time go-to for Tosa and Milwaukee west-siders, Walters’ opens at 11 a.m. daily and offers a weekday lunch special that is itself worth the visit. But if you’re looking to waste an afternoon one beer at a time, Walter’s will make you feel even more at home. Their cheap drinks and a rec-room décor go well with a mid-day bender.
Address: 6930 W. North Ave, Wauwatosa

My Office

One of the darkest bars in town, even in the daytime, My Office opens bright and early and offers breakfast and lunch. With the rustic feel of a neighborhood corner bar, My Office can serve as a nice hide-out for downtown office workers in search of a liquid lunch away from the stresses of “the” office.
Address: 763 N. Milwaukee St.

Let’s take a step into My Office for a while… Photo by Matthew J. Prigge

Nomad World Pub

A destination for East-side soccer fans, this Brady Street bar’s early open (6 a.m.) allows them to beam live European futbol throughout the winter months. Getting your own Nomad FC Players Pass card allows early-risers special drink discounts during matches.
Address: 1401 E. Brady St


One of the area’s best-known “third shift” bars, Zad’s is open every day at 6:00 am. Although the days of Walker’s Point as an industrial haven are long gone, Zad’s retains a working-class clientele in a rapidly-changing neighborhood. An eye-opener at Zad’s is as close to a genuine Milwaukee experience as can be had. Just look for the sign on the corner of Second and West Virginia that looks like a prog rock album cover from 1987.
Address: 436 S. Second St.

Zad’s on a sunny afternoon, photo by Matthew J. Prigge

The Newport

There is no better spot for a snow day in Bay View than the Newport. With its large, U-shaped bar, $3 cocktails and well-stocked jukebox, the place is enough to make any Midwesterner feel right at home. And if you do happen to find yourself there on some afternoon when the weather is making life miserable for everyone else, a pair of triple-wide windows are ideal for watching the snow fly.
Address: 939 E. Conway St