15 things only true Milwaukeeans know

No longer known as the Marcus Amphitheater as of 2017, what company now sponsors Summerfest's main stage?

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New sponsorship is going to change more than just the name of the venue. The American Family Insurance Amphitheater is going to be rebuilt, starting in 2019, with improved production space, hospitality areas and lighting.

Which Milwaukee restaurant demands a password before entry?

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Milwaukee's SafeHouse isn't one of a kind anymore. In 2017, a second SafeHouse opened in Chicago.

Fill in the blank: The Holler House is the oldest ____ in the United States.

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Five generations of Skowronskis have kept the Holler House alive and vulgar. Neighborhood kids are staffed for resetting pins, forgoing contemporary technology.

The Brewers' home was County Stadium from 1953 until 2000. What other Wisconsin team used play home games there?

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For more than five decades, the Green and Gold would play in County Stadium for at least two games per season. The Packers won their final game played at County Stadium on Dec. 18, 1994. Brett Favre scrambled for a game-winning touchdown with nine seconds left in a 21-17 victory over the Atlanta Falcons.

The Milwaukee Art Museum's 2001 addition was designed by which famous architect?

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The 2011 blockbuster "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" used the MAM as a filming location, closing the museum for one day in the summer of 2010.

Fill in the blank: The Bradley Clock Tower was once known as the world's _______ four-faced clock.

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Standing 281 feet tall, the four clock faces measure 40.2 feet in diameter. They were the largest in the world until 2010 when the Mecca Royal Clock Hotel Tower in Saudi Arabia was completed. Its faces are 141 feet across, more than three times bigger than Bradley's.

Fill in the blank: _____ was the most recent addition to the Brewers' racing sausages roster.

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Chorizo started racing full time in 2007. The original lineup featured only three sausages: Polish, Italian and Bratwurst. Hot Dog didn't join until the mid-1990s.

Milwaukee has had three mayors from what independent political party?

Emil Seidel was the first socialist mayor of Milwaukee. He served only one, two-year term from 1910 to 1912. Daniel Webster Hoan served for 24 years as mayor, starting in 1916, and had the second-longest tenure in the city's history, behind only Democrat Henry W. Maier. The most recent of Milwaukee's Socialist chiefs was Frank P. Ziedler, who served from 1948 until 1960.

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"Milwaukee" means "Good," "Beautiful" and "Pleasant Land" in what Native-American language?

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The Algonquin word that "Milwaukee" is based on is actually "Milioke." In the Potawatomi and Ojibwe languages of manwaking and omaniwakiing, it also means "meeting place by the water."

Which Milwaukee college has the highest enrollment?

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UWM has the second-highest enrollment of any Wisconsin school with more than 27,000 students. Only the University of Wisconsin — Madison has more with nearly 45,000.

When it was completed in 1895, Milwaukee City Hall held what distinction?

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Milwaukee's City Hall, standing at 354 feet tall, was the tallest building on the planet until New York City's Park Row Building was erected in 1899. Mike Awve, the founder of Untapped Tours, likes to have a little bit of fun when he shares this piece of architectural history. “We get a lot of visitors from the Chicago area, so I always ask ‘Anyone from Chicago?’ and a couple people would raise their hands, and I would say ‘Take that Chicago, with your tall buildings.’”

The designer of Milwaukee's Lake Park also designed what other famous American park?

The designer's name was Frederick Law Olmsted. Learn more about him, the history of Milwaukee's parks and their current state.

More than just for its background, tour guide Mike Awve says that Lake Park is his favorite in the city. “Lake Park is probably my favorite with the lighthouse and there’s a waterfall in there and there’s the golf course and the Lake Park Bistro. I really enjoy spending time in Lake Park.”

What's the name of the outdoor street art installation in Milwaukee's East Side that was first painted in the summer of 2016?

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Black Cat Alley runs between Ivanhoe Place and Kenilworth Place, tucked behind the Oriental Theatre. Works include a mustachioed frog by French artist MTO and a controversial depiction of a black man in orange prison clothes by Milwaukeean Adam Stoner (pictured above). Check out our guide to Milwaukee street art.

"We started bringing people there last September," says Mike Awve, the founder of MKE's Untapped Tours. "That one really just surprises people. It’s not something they’re expecting to see on the tour, they’ve never heard of it, and they’re really just impressed by the scale. Some of those paintings are 15-feet tall and they’re really well done and people came from all over to do them. That’s definitely a really impressive one that people from out of town seem to appreciate.”

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Everyone knows that polka has long been a vibrant part of Milwaukee's culture. But what European group invented the dance?

Did you know that polka is the official State Dance of Wisconsin?

In what year did the first of Milwaukee's breweries open?

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A British man by the name of Richard Owens opened the first brewery in town, six years before Milwaukee was technically incorporated. Twenty years later, there were at least 40 active breweries in the city. Four of them are still active today: Blatz, Miller, Pabst and Schlitz.