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Our Q&A With Green Bay Packers Legend Donald Driver About His New Book

Packers legend Donald Driver answered some questions about his new book ‘The 3D Body Revolution’ prior to his book signing in Milwaukee this Friday, Sept. 22.

Throughout his life and football career, Packers legend Donald Driver has exhibited a tough-as-nails work ethic. On the football field, Driver became the Packers all-time leading receiver. And off the field, he maintains involvement with the Wisconsin community through his eponymous foundation that benefits Goodwill. He even won a season of Dancing with the Stars.

In his new book, The 3D Body Revolution, Driver is not afraid to admit that after retiring from football, his fitness fell below his strong standards. He developed a new plan to get healthy, which includes nutrition-based recipes and workout techniques.

Prior to his Boswell Book Company book signing his Friday, Sept. 22, at 7 p.m., Driver took time to answer some questions about the book and why he loves visiting Milwaukee.

When you played football, you had a consistent schedule that helped keep you motivated with healthy habits. But when you retired, you didn’t have that fixed schedule, and it sounds like it was tougher to be motivated on your own. Can you talk about dealing with that challenge? What finally convinced you that you needed to make a change?

I noticed that I was getting out of shape. I promised myself that I would get healthier to make sure I was around for my kids for the long term. I did not want poor health to rob me of any time with my 3 beautiful kids. It was a challenge going from needing to stay in peak physical condition for my career. I didn’t consider that I’d need a driving force to work out after retirement. Since then, I feel like I need to workout to keep myself balanced, and I truly enjoy it.

How does the diversity of the fitness and nutrition items from the book help keep you motivated? Was there a lot of trial and error with trying out different things and seeing what worked?

For all of us, diversity in fitness and nutrition is important so we don’t get stale or stagnant. There was some trial-and-error for me in terms of nailing down a program that worked – not sure for me, but for everyone – but I’ve essentially built this up over the course of 20 years through my experience with football and with my family.

What was the most interesting or unusual recipe you’ve tried? What about most interesting or challenging fitness technique?

Since I really don’t like fish, it was challenging for me to consider fish-based recipes for the book. That said, I can vouch for the Chili-Rubbed Tilapia with Asparagus and Lemon, which made me a believer. The most challenging fitness technique is the muscle-up – a CrossFit exercise that combines pull-ups and dips – that definitely took me some practice. With a little work, though, I got it down!

Why do you feel The 3D Body Revolution is a fitting title for the book? What influenced you to choose the title?

The 3D Body Revolution isn’t just a title, but rather my central philosophy that everyone needs to follow the 3Ds to achieve success in every aspect of their life – not just fitness. The 3Ds are determination, discipline and drive. Basically, I want to encourage everyone to be determined in their approach to change, disciplined in their follow-through and driven to greatness. It’s applicable professionally, personally, creatively – you name it.

The 3D Body Revolution by Donald Driver coverAre there any Milwaukee connections to the fitness techniques or recipes?

Yes, of course. This is all the brainchild of Brian Lammi, a Milwaukee native, who planted this book idea in my head.

Was there anyone that really helped guide you to new fitness techniques or recipes?

Yes, my wife and friends. People in your life are always willing to challenge you and keep you accountable, especially when they know you don’t like to do certain things. My wife is especially instrumental in guiding me to new recipes, since she knows there are certain things I don’t care to eat. She’s been pretty good at getting me to eat organically, which took some time for my taste buds to adapt. Now, organic items – vegetables, grains, you name it – are a staple in our pantry, and we love it.

Why do you feel anyone can benefit from reading your book regardless of skill level?

This book and the 3D philosophy is really for everyone, and that’s why it was essential for me to create a scalable plan with 3 levels. The beginner level involves body weight movements for anyone with extra weight or for those individuals who need to re-familiarize themselves with an exercise program. The intermediate level uses dumbbells and kettle bells, and that focuses on the individual who’s accustomed to working out a couple times a week. The advanced level is for the fitness enthusiast who is familiar with what their body can do, but who’s looking for a challenge; that level uses barbells pretty frequently.

When I started writing this book, I felt compelled by the idea that I didn’t just want to write it – I felt like I had to. People are born with the ability to choose, and we all need to choose whether to make fitness a priority or not. In my opinion, it’s high time we stop making excuses for our poor fitness and health choices.



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