The Walker's Point ice cream shop launches a new flavor and features 12 special flavors using ingredients like jelly donuts.

Milwaukee Day (Thursday, April 14) is a day to celebrate the 414. April 14 is also Purple Door Ice Cream’s fifth anniversary. The Walker’s Point ice cream emporium (205 S. Second St., 414-988-2521) isn’t passing the holiday unnoticed. Owners Lauren and Steve Schultz have a new flavor to debut – it’s called beer and pretzels, made with Lakefront Brewery’s Eastside Dark beer.

Along with that, the Schultzes will offer 12 new flavors. 12! And each one incorporates an ingredient from a Milwaukee-area food producer. Here are a few of the tantalizing flavors: jelly donut (which has donut pieces from Canfora Bakery); orange bitters chocolate chunk (uses Bittercube bitters); mango chutney (Afro Fusion Cuisine); cheesecake (Simma’s Bakery); and raspberry peach pie (Honeypie Cafe). I’m told many of these flavors will make return appearances in the dipping cabinet, so don’t despair if you can’t make it to Purple Door on MKE Day. But why can’t you make it? Hours: 12-8 p.m. More Purple Door festivities on MKE Day: free mini scoops, cake served at 6 p.m.; and live music (6-8 p.m.).



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