Discussing the Milwaukee Film Festival with Duane Dudek

Duane Dudek joins the podcast to discuss the 2015 Milwaukee Film Festival, Duane’s career in journalism, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s current film coverage, and much more.

The 15-day Milwaukee Film Festival begins next week, so joining us on this week’s episode is Duane Dudek. Duane and I discussed this year’s festival and how it has changed in its seven years. We also talked about Duane’s career in journalism, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s current film coverage, and a whole bunch of other things.

You can find all of Duane’s coverage of the 2015 Milwaukee Film Festival exclusively at milwaukeemag.com/dudek, so check back there if you’re looking for more coverage throughout the festival. Also discussed during this recording is Duane’s ten picks for the festival, which can be found here, and how you can access Dudek’s one-of-a-kind coverage using Milwaukee Magazine‘s Member Pass (explained here). Find more of his writing at duanedudek.com and follow him on Twitter @TheDudekAbides.

Also: Beginning this week, we’ll be featuring local music on the podcast, so if you’re interested in having a song featured, get in touch with me on Twitter or via email (see below). This week’s episode features adoptahighway‘s “Qualmness,” and you’ll here a bit of it here at the beginning of the podcast and the rest of it at the very end.


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