Milwaukee Record co-founder and co-editor Tyler Maas joins the podcast to discuss his long history of "adventure journalism," the comedy scene in Milwaukee, and much more.

Tyler Maas on an "adventure journalism" mission at Taco Bell in Chicago.

Tyler Maas on an “adventure journalism” mission at Taco Bell in Chicago.

Our guest for this episode is Tyler Maas, the co-founder and co-editor of Milwaukee Record. Among a variety of topics, Tyler and I talked about comedy in Milwaukee, which Tyler writes about more than anyone, and his long history of first-person “adventure journalism” articles, such as the time he went to all 13 Taco Bell locations in the city of Milwaukee in one day or when he went to a bar crawl of all nine of the city’s gay bars.

Also: we’re featuring local music on the podcast, so if you’d like to have your song played, get in touch with me via email or on Twitter. This episode features the song “Going Nowhere” by Midnight Reruns, and you’ll here some of it at the beginning of the podcast and the rest of it at the very end.

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