After saying au revoir to its Bay View location, the French joint takes over the dining operations at the art deco Mason Street hotel.

With the start of September, Pastiche Bistro at the Metro (411 E. Mason St.) is now the official, sanctioned name of a former Bay View restaurant. With dining operations at Hotel Metro now underway, that means three square meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner – served in the dining room/bar formerly occupied by METRO restaurant. Rachael Karr, who has been Pastiche owner Mike Engel’s right arm in the kitchen for some time, is the executive chef at the “new” hotel restaurant.

Of the Pastiche hotel workforce, it’s a combo of the Bay View staff, new hires and employees from Metro’s restaurant. The menus are “mostly Rach’s with some suggestions from me here and there,” says Engel, who promises a few plates that might be recognizable to people who dined at Metro when he was the head chef (late ’90s).

As for the interior, Engel’s spouse Angela has been working with Jamie Hummert, a hotel co-owner, to conceptualize the decor, which Engel calls a “modernization of the spirit of the original interior design.” After buying the art deco property in 1996, Hummert and his business partners worked “under the guidance of” the late Madame Liane Kuony, who favored the soft, curving style of art moderne.

Now that you’ve had a little Metro history lesson, the hours are as follows: Daily, breakfast 6-11 a.m. Lunch 11:30 a.m.-3 p.m. Dinner Thurs-Sat 4 p.m.-midnight, Sun-Wed 4-10 p.m. To make a reservation, call 414-225-3270 or click here. A grand opening event will likely take place near the end of September.




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