Off the Grid

Pop-up waffle stand press is exactly what’s needed to comfort-food us through a Wisconsin winter.

In June, Aaron Rosko and Emily Thomas debuted Press, a pop-up business specializing in Belgian Liège-style waffles, inspired by Rosko’s time spent abroad. The waffles ($5-$8) are made from a brioche dough that incorporates pearl sugar – a technique that dates to the 1800s and originated in Liège, Belgium.

So when a waffle is pressed, it has a crispy, caramelized exterior and pockets of sweetness inside. That’s where rich and indulgent come in. A sprinkling of powdered sugar is all that’s needed to showcase the waffle. But Press can make these waffles even more indulgent with toppings like Nutella, fresh fruit, goat cheese and candied bacon. Seasonal toppings include sautéed apples with whipped cream, and bourbon-soaked cherries on a dollop of vanilla-bean mascarpone.

We’re salivating for the waffle stand’s appearance at the Milwaukee County Winter Farmers Market, Saturdays from November through January at the Mitchell Park Domes (524 S. Layton Blvd.). Get Press’ full schedule on Twitter, @pressmke.

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Kathryn Lavey, former art director at Milwaukee Magazine has held every design position over her eight years with the magazine. She enjoys celebrating the city she calls home. Kathryn has a degree in graphic design from Creighton University.