Fall 2015 Mixtape

Your quarterly sonic roundup.

At the start of every season, we look back and roundup the best songs of the previous three months. Here are the best songs from the fall:

“Temptation” – Rina
Not much is known about burgeoning R&B singer Rina, but her one available track on Soundcloud is a quite the sultry opening statement.

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“On the Way to Something Else (ft. milo)” – Q The Sun

“You know it’s nice outside/ Though I’d lower it by 10 degrees/ So I could throw my Timberland on/ And catch the autumn breeze,” milo raps on the chorus of Q the Sun’s “On the Way to Something Else.” The production is mellow and inviting, the perfect soundtrack for a brisk fall day.

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“Dance Through the Winter” – GGOOLLD

On the closer of the synth-pop group’s new four song EP, For the Night, GGOOLLDD proffers a fresh reason for why winter in Milwaukee stinks. “We stay inside/ cuz nothing’s free,” singer Margaret Butler extols on “Dance Through the Winter.” The city really is crammed with outdoor block parties and festivals during a five-month period, and excluding the one, insanely popular February party, there’s really nothing like that during the winter. This song from GGOOLLDD at least gives us something to believe in to last through another season.

Next show: Turner Hall Ballroom on January 9 with Canopies and Rio Turbo

“Port of Call” – Jaill

While jangly pop connoisseurs Jaill had a productive year, releasing its fourth full-length Brain Cream on Burger Records, the band already has plans to release a new EP. Wherever It Be is due out January 8 on Infinity Cat Recordings and only available on a limited-release cassette. “Port of Call” is the first look at the new material.

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“Great Southern Rail” – Midnight Reruns

Written in just 15 minutes after watching the 1971 Australian horror film Wake in Fright, “Great Southern Rail” is the first attempt by Midnight Reruns to go long—the closing track from No. 1 album of the year Force of Nurture lasts more than eight minutes—but the extended track time pays off in the end, emphasizing the dread of never being able to leave the place in which you’re stranded.

Next show: LuLu Cafe on December 31 with Living Statues

Valicity” – The Living Statues

With each single, the Strokes-inspired garage rockers The Living Statues seem to get better and better. That trend continues on the ebullient “Valacity.”

Next Show: LuLu Cafe on December 31 with Midnight Reruns

“One Moment” – Rusty P’s

The Rusty P’s returned to the stage last month at Mad Planet for the hip-hop collective’s 20th anniversary of the group’s inception. “The boys are back in town,” begins The Rusty P’s comeback single “One Moment.” Watch out.

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“Going Back” – Tapebenders

On Set Your Life on Fire, Tapebenders showed a proclivity to pour gasoline on its preexisting sound, drop a match and watch what emerged from the flames. The searing folk track “Going Back” is one seemingly resuscitated from the fire.

Next Show: Cactus Club on December 23 with The Pukes and Ramma Lamma

“Downtown” – Platinum Boys

This song from Platinum Boys’ Junior Varsity EP is the anti-Downtown anthem that could end up ironically scoring one of those Milwaukee Downtown advertisements if the creative team ever goes on a months-long coke binge.

Next show: Turner Hall Ballroom on January 21 with Tommy Stinson and Midnight Reruns

“souvenir ft Hemlock Ernst” – milo

The second track of milo’s so the flies don’t come (No. 5 on best albums of the year) sets the stage for what’s to come. Milo’s lines on “Souvenir ft Hemlock Ernst” are smart, referencing Greek mythology and the Hagakure, and confrontational, pointing out the displeasure caused by white fans rapping along to the n-word at shows. The track also features a verse from milo collaborator Hemlock Ernst, who’s better known as Samuel T. Herring, the lead singer of Future Islands.

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“KidX” – WebsterX & Q the Sun

The centerpiece of WebsterX & Q the Sun’s three-song, Radiohead-inspired EP KidX, is the genre-warping title track that proves the two omnipresent Milwaukee hip-hop talents have no musical boundaries.

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“Baby” – Dogs in Ecstasy

Dogs in Ecstasy’s Welcome 2 Hell landed at No. 9 on the best albums of the year, largely due to the fun, synthesizer-driven pop punk of “Baby,” baby.

Next show: High Dive on January 1 (4:30 a.m.) with Juiceboxxx

“Machinehead” – Bad Wig

The Midwestern Charm recently underwent a change into Bad Wig, but the alteration wasn’t just a switch in moniker. The band shook up its sound, as well, leaving the Charm’s bleeding heart pop punk for fuzzier, garage rock melodies like on “Machinehead,” the closer from its debut EP.

Next show: Riverwest Public House on January 9 with Absolutely, Show Me the Body and Straya

“American Made Motorcycle” – Bleach Athletixx

This song is a morsel of sticky-sweet bedroom pop from Max Holiday, the man behind the solo project Bleach Athletixx. It’s the third of four singles released this year and it’s perhaps the best of them all.

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“Dreams” – Von Alexander

The rapper formerly known as Vonny Del Fresco doesn’t underplay his recent name change on new his new EP, Von. “I changed my name into my name/ Because this name has been through shit,” Von Alexander raps on the upward-looking and infectious track “Dreams.”

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“Vicious Sky” – Moon Curse

At a relatively compact five minutes, “Vicious Sky” is the shortest track on Moon Curse’s five-song, 42-minute album, Spirit Remains, but the soaring doom metal still packs one heavy punch.

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“Blue Eyes” – Josh Evert

Fatty Acids’ frontman and Jaill drummer made this field recording as part of a seven-song EP completed during an artist in residency program at Homestead National Monument in Beatrice, Neb.

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