Nutella Cheese Curds, Anyone? Let’s Talk About Lakefront’s Curd Flavor of the Day

For six months, Lakefront Brewery has been serving up cheese curd flavors of the day, and no one is reporting on it.

NOTE: As the Digital Editor at Milwaukee Magazine, I owe all of our readers an overdue apology. I missed quite possibly one of the biggest stories of 2020. Consider this informative article my mea culpa: 

Every year there is a tasty holiday that is celebrated nationally, but especially in Wisconsin: National Cheese Curd Day. It lands on Oct. 15 – a Friday this year, so mark your calendars now – and Milwaukee’s own Lakefront Brewery likes to make a big deal of it.

On National Cheese Curd Days past, the minds in Lakefront’s kitchen, specifically head chef Kristin Hueneke, like to have fun with the flavors of their curds and come up with some crazy concoctions. Some of these deep fried creations have included Rainbow Unicorn Curds with Sparkles, Apple Crisp Curds, Funnel Cake Curds and more. Yes, all of these recipes include cheese. 

Rainbow Unicorn Cheese Curds with Sparkles; Photo courtesy of Lakefront Brewery

This annual event became so popular, that they decided to start Frankensteining the curds on a weekly basis, with what they call a “flavor of the day.” This has been going on since November – again, we at MilMag are sorry for not bringing you this news sooner. 

The crew also serves up their specialized curds on other some holidays, just because. On April Fools Day, they dished out Sour Patch Kids Curds. 

“People thought it was a joke, but it wasn’t,” social media manager Andy Jungwirth (aka Andy Junk) said. 

Lakefront Brewery Served Sour Patch Cheese Curds on April Fools Day; Photo courtesy of Lakefront Brewery

To get the flavor, they battered the curds in soda instead of beer. In fact, the batter is where most of their flavors come from, along with a specialized dipping sauce. For example, when they made Taco Cheese Curds, they served them up with an artichoke dip. Pizza Cheese Curds come with a side of marinara. Chocolate Cheese Curds are served with a side of, well, chocolate. 

If you want to try some of these unique curds, head over to Lakefront Brewery (1872 N. Commerce St.) on Thursdays. This week the team is cooking up Nutella Cheese Curds, which sounds weird, but also awesome. In related news, Lakefront Brewery just announced that they are bringing back their popular brewery tours. You can read all about it, here.


French Onion Cheese Curds; Photo courtesy of Lakefront Brewery


Flamin’ Hot Cheese Curds; Photo courtesy of Lakefront Brewery


Ranch Lovers Cheese Curds; Photo courtesy of Lakefront Brewery


Maple Bacon Cheese Curds; Photo courtesy of Lakefront Brewery


Mexican Street Corn Cheese Curds; Photo courtesy of Lakefront Brewery


Sun Dried Tomato Cheese Curds; Photo courtesy of Lakefront Brewery



Allison Garcia is the Digital Editor for Milwaukee Magazine.