12 Photos from the First NEWaukee Night Market of 2018

The first night of the NEWaukee Night Market certainly didn’t disappoint.

No matter what time you arrived to the first NEWaukee Night Market of 2018, it was most definitely packed. Hundreds of people filled Wisconsin Ave. on Wednesday, June 13, to listen to music, dance, craft and eat. Whether you came later for a drink or right after work to sample some delicious food trucks, there was something for everyone.

Some special activities included making s’mores, playing lifesize chess or checkers, playing cornhole and crafting special items. Food ranged from Mexican to BBQ, with lots in between. Missed the first one? No problem, because there are three more throughout the summer: July 11, August 15 and September 12.

The heart of the night market took place in front of the Shops of Grand Avenue.A serious chess player contemplates his next move in the life-size chess match.Plenty of people grabbed their special someone for a dance on the dance floor.Don’t want this life-size Jenga to come crashing down!Even though this checker piece may be bigger than her, she knows that checkers is for all ages.Oh, hey, didn’t see you up there.Nothing like sitting by a fire and roasting some marshmallows and making gooey s’mores.A daunting game of life size checkers…what’s the move?Milwaukeeans of all ages came out to dance all night.An appearance from the Bronze Fonz himself? Two thumbs up.Is any Wisconsin event complete without at least a few games of bags?Of course, the NEWaukee Night Market was filled with plenty of dancing.

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